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Sonic Foundry Inc. (NASDAQ:SOFO) has made possible free advanced search of rich media content to the public on its website. As opposed to limiting search to laborious manual tagging of data, Sonic Foundry has developed an automated advanced search platform for individualized search for data to be determined by the user.

According to Sonic Foundry:

“Advanced phonetic search algorithms coupled with language processing and contextual analysis provide the ability to quickly and easily locate specific spoken words or phrases within a rich media archive, based on sophisticated algorithms developed by Sonic Foundry.”

The search platform is limited to rich media (video, audio, and graphics) produced by Mediasite presentation recorders. Presentations on are crawled and may be located by other search engines. Similar to other search platforms the item to be located is entered on the webpage and the search engine locates and prioritizes data made available to the user.

The user then may select from text or speech within the rich media presentations and easily navigate within the available archived presentations. Unlike other text-only searches, allows search in combination with other clues within the data to provide search at a robust level not previously available. Of particular interest is that search of phonetic data can be found with even imperfect spelling by the user (a search for “sar bains ox lee” for example). Sonic Foundry’s advanced search is the leader in locating valuable information, a needle in the growing haystack of rich media content.

Presently there are about 13,000 presentations consisting of approximately 9,500 hours of rich media presentations on While these presentations are available to the public, free to search utilizing Sonic Foundry’s advanced search engine, the company intends to provide this service to other clients on a fee basis.

The presentations contained on the are approximately 5% of the total rich media produced by its Mediasite recorders. A significant balance of the remainder is privately held and believed to be valuable proprietary content archived by research universities, corporations, and government entities. These entities may find tremendous utility in search and timely recovery of valuable proprietary recorded rich media. The advanced search capabilities should provide additional cash flow, and more important, the company continues to bring forth customer-driven improvements increasing the value proposition of its Mediasite recorders.

Disclosure: Author owns shares of SOFO.

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