Energy Leads All Sector ETFs Higher

by: MyPlanIQ

This was an unusually good week for US sectors with everyone moving into positive territory. There was some jostling for position with materials leapfrogging over industries but it was positive all around.

The concerns over the drama in North Africa didn't dampen the overall sentiment as there is increasing hopes for light at the end of the tunnel that US industries are emerging into more profitable days.

Assets Class Symbols 02/04
Energy XLE 21.06% 18.35% ^
Materials XLB 15.45% 11.99% ^
Industries XLI 15.3% 13.61% ^
Consumer Discretionary XLY 12.89% 10.42% ^
Technology XLK 12.48% 10.54% ^
Telecom IYZ 11.12% 9.27% ^
Financial XLF 8.83% 7.75% ^
Consumer Staples XLP 5.77% 4.21% ^
Healthcare XLV 4.78% 3.19% ^
Utilities XLU 4.02% 3.66% ^
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The trend score is defined as the average of 1,4,13,26 and 52 week total returns (including dividend reinvested).

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It is not surprising that energy would lead the way with the troubles in Egypt creating concerns that have driven up the cost of oil, all the while much of the US and Europe is in the grip of winter.

Almost ignoring the crisis, materials continue to rise with the insidious rise of inflation and is likely to become a regular talking point.

Industries, led by strong aviation electronics reports also continue to do well as the US economy sees some light at the end of the tunnel.

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As we remarked earlier, all the US sectors have had a positive week in the light of continued bullishness in the market throwing off the concerns of Egypt, debt and mixed employment numbers.

We will see next week whether this trend continues or there is some change in sentiment.

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