optionsXpress: Onwards and Upwards

Jan.26.07 | About: optionsXpress Holdings, (OXPS)

Traders were wondering why, with RSI for Weekly and Daily well below 30, I was not making an Accumulation Zone recommendation on (Cara 100) optionsXpress Holdings (NASDAQ:OXPS).

Let’s just say I smelled a rat. I didn't like the way the stock was trading.

Yesterday there was an announced take-over by optionsXpress of XpressTrade for $37 million, of which 70% is cash and 30% is stock.

I hope the XpressTrade sellers get to enjoy their cheap OXPS stock. They don't even have to have their personal options back-dated.

Now the stock can trade higher. And I hope it does because it's going to stay in the Cara 100. What happened here goes on all the time on Wall Street. Nothing's changed. Nothing will change.

oxps graph

They don’t call me the Rat Catcher for nothing.