Will New Inventory Strategy at Ross Stores Pack Away Profitability in 2011?

| About: Ross Stores, (ROST)

The earnings "beats" continue at Ross Stores (NASDAQ:ROST). The company has done a wonderful job finally delivering on the improved profitability that was expected a few years ago. Over the past year, we’ve been a big believer in the company’s ability to deliver materially greater than consensus EPS results.

But what’s interesting is that over the past few months the company’s pack-away inventory mix has materially increased versus last year. In the December 2010 sales press release, the company suggests the following: “Our merchants have been able to take advantage recently of a large amount of compelling close-out opportunities in the marketplace.”

At the end of January 2011, the company has disclosed that its inventory levels increased +25% versus sales growth of +8%. Much of this relates to “pack-away” inventory (47% of total inventory versus 38% last year).

Now the company is planning to “make supply chain investments” which includes ... you guessed it, a new pack-away facility.

Why did this increased pack-away phenomenon not occur in FY 2008? Will this strategic move be a material profitability driver next year (taking advantage of today’s pricing)? Or did the company’s merchants buy the wrong product and will the new supply chain investments become a drain on profitability?

We’re not sure anyone has the answers how this plays out in FY 2011. But ROST’s traditionally staid business model just got much more interesting this year.

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