A Comprehensive Scorecard for Citron Research

| About: China MediaExpress (CCME)

Andrew Left's Citron Research is again in the news with its controversial criticism of China MediaExpress Holdings (OTCPK:CCME), along with other high-profile companies. Many proponents of Citron-bashed companies claim that Andrew is not a trustworthy fellow. That said, his stock-picking record has been phenomenal.

In 2007, I began to follow many of his selections by buying puts for my own portfolio. While I could never put my finger on his results exactly (there doesn't seem to be a comprehensive scorecard at his or any other website), I knew they were outstanding. However, I wanted to know exactly what they were. And so, I read every Citron report ever issued and compiled the results of its picks.

The following is a table containing every company CitronResearch.com (formerly StockLemon.com) has covered from a negative perspective (it excludes the one and only positive recommendation Citron ever gave, which was for China Medicine Corp. (OTCPK:CHME)). I did my best to find the start price and current price for every company they covered. The start price was based on either the Citron report's listed start price or the opening price of trading the day the report was issued. Due to the fact that many of these companies have been delisted, it is hard to find accurate or detailed charts of them, therefore, there may be errors despite my rigorous research. Some delisted companies may have changed names and may continue to trade. Feel free to e-mail me with updates or additional info.

All "price now" data is current as of February 6th, 2011 market prices. I have included my comments in a box on the right to add clarity to some of the more interesting or controversial Citron picks. If you choose to buy a stock Citron is betting against, as you can see, you've got long odds against you. The vast majority of stocks Citron pans end up going much lower, often, straight to zero. It's something for all you China MediaExpress Holdings or China-Biotics (OTC:CHBT) fans to consider.

(All data was gathered from Citron's website, TDAmeritrade, Yahoo finance, and BigCharts.com.)

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Disclosure: I previously held, but no longer hold, positions initiated due to Citron's research in AMSC, LTM, AMED, ARTC, and XFML.