PLOW: The Right Year to Go Public

| About: Douglas Dynamics, (PLOW)

Much of the US has received more than enough snow so far this winter. Here in the northeast, the snow remains multiple feet high in unplowed areas even though the last major storm came a couple weeks ago. An ice storm last week did a good job of topping things off so that it will be a long while before everything melts. And who knows when the next snow storm is coming.

During the last storm in the northeast, we published a report for Bespoke Premium members highlighting four stocks that stand to benefit from all of this bad winter weather. One of the names was Douglas Dynamics, which went public back in May. Its ticker symbol, PLOW, should tell you what the company does -- it makes snowplows and other winter cleanup equipment. Given the winter we've had, the PLOW weatherman must have known this year was the right year to go public! The company has done nothing but trend higher since it IPOd at $11.25 in May. Just today the stock broke out to a new all-time high of $16.96. Earnings for the winter period don't come out until early March for PLOW, but it will be interesting to see what kind of numbers the company puts up.

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