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Since earnings season started in early January, 1,558 companies have reported their quarterly numbers. These 1,558 companies have averaged a one-day price change of 0.95% in reaction to their earnings reports, which is a very high number compared to most earnings seasons. Below is a list (click to enlarge) that we're calling the Earnings Season Top 50. These are the 50 stocks that have had the best one-day reactions to their earnings reports this season.

At the top of the Earnings Season Top 50 list this reporting period is Weight Watchers (NYSE:WTW). On Thursday the stock gained 45.57% on the day after reporting earnings before the open. TDSC (3D Systems) ranks second and is the only other stock that has gained more than 40% on its report day this season.

To make the list, a stock had to gain at least 15.81% on its report day, which is what Electronic Arts (ERTS) did at #50. Most of the stocks on the list are in the Technology sector, but plenty of Consumer Discretionary, Health Care and Industrial stocks are included as well.

If you have some time over the long weekend, take a more in-depth look at these companies. Most are growth names that had already been doing extremely well heading into their most recent earnings reports. While some won't see another report like this one for quite a while, there are plenty that are just at the start of long-term uptrends.