7 Shipping and Business Service Stocks Yielding Over 5%

by: Investment Underground

By Roger Choudhury, Lead Editor

Are you seeking dividend income outside of the telecom and utilities sectors? We screened for companies that provide business services. As expected, many were in the tanker and transportation business and each yields over 5%. Below is an analysis on each company. For some other high-yielding names, consider these 13 emerging market dividend stocks or these 5 dividend ETFs. And as always, please use the names below as a starting point for your own research and due diligence.

  1. Frontline (NYSE:FRO) paid out $2.00 in dividends per share in 2010, which was a 7.8% yield. Consecutive quarterly dividends have been paid out since Q1 2003. Also, quarterly results are expected to come out on February 22. Consensus estimates peg it at - $0.02 per share. EPS is up 75.5% January to September 2010 compared to the same period in 2009. The respective operating revenues are $939 million and $871 million. Over the past 5 days, shares are trading down 1%. The 52 week range is $24.41 - $38.85. For long-term energy investors, and especially crude oil bulls, Frontline is essentially a pure play on this sector. The company has a fleet over 70+ crude oil tankers and is based in Bermuda.
  2. Nordic American Tanker Shipping (NYSE:NAT) has the next ex-dividend date on Tuesday, February 22, and payment of $0.25 per share occurring on March 4. The company has paid out uneven dividend amounts per quarter since Q2 2001. In 2010, the dividend yield was 6.5%. The latest earnings report for Q4 2010 was - $0.27 per share, and EPS was down over 99% in 2010. The operating cash flow was $5.2 million in Q4 2010 compared with $10.5 million in Q4 2009. Year-to-date, share price is down 4.3%. The 52 week trading range is $24.00 - $32.39. The company is an international tanker company that owns 20 double-hull Suezmax tankers.
  3. Overseas Shipholding (NYSE:OSG) pays out $0.4375 per share on March 9 with it going ex on Wednesday, February 23. The current yield is 5%. The company has made consecutive quarterly dividend payments since Q1 2001. EPS for 2010 through September is - $2.71 compared with $3.47 for the same 9 months in 2009. The respective sales figures are $813 million and $851 million. Shares currently trade under $25 a share. In the last 3 months, share price is down 5.5%. The 52 week trading range is $31.39 - $53.20. The company is a bulk shipping company that transports crude oil and petroleum products through the oceans.
  4. R.R. Donnelley (NASDAQ:RRD) has paid a dividend of $0.26 per quarter since Q3 2003. The current yield is 5.3%. Q4 2010 results are to be reported on Tuesday, February 22. For the first nine months in 2010, EPS is $0.93 versus $0.25 for the same period in 2009, and the respective revenue numbers are $7311.8 million and $7274.3 million. Share price is up 3% over the last 5 days. The 52 week trading range is $14.87 - $22.83, and shares trade currently under $20. The company provides premedia, printing, logistics and business process outsourcing products and services.
  5. Contax (OTC:CTXNY) pays out dividends on an annual basis. The last pay out occurred on July 2010 with $0.166 per share, which was a 6.8% yield. Such dividends have been paid annually since June 2006. Given history, the approval of the next dividend should occur in April 2011. Year-to-date, share price is down 8.5%, and the 52 week trading range is $2.07 - $3.75. Profits in Q3 2010 (as of September 30, 2010) are down 23% compared to Q3 2009, but only down 3.5% in the first 9 months in 2010 compared to the same timeframe in 2009. Revenues are up 11.6%, when comparing the same time periods. The company is a Brazil-based holding company. Its most significant subsidiary specializes in the operations of contact centers. Its clients are mainly in the telecommunications, financial services, utilities and Internet sectors.
  6. Ship Finance International (NYSE:SFL) will pay $0.38 per share on March 29 with the ex-dividend date on March 9. Dividend amounts are irregular, but in 2010, $1.34 per share was paid out, which yielded 6.2%. Also, this is the fourth consecutive dividend increase in the last 12 months. Operating revenues decreased from $345 million to $308 million in 2010. The EPS figures are $2.10 in 2010 and $2.59 in 2009. Year-to-date, share price is down 4%. The 52 week trading range is $14.94 - $23.07. The company owns and operates vessels and offshore related assets.
  7. Teekay LNG Partners (NYSE:TGP) paid $0.63 per share on Valentines Day. Dividend payout amounts are varied. In 2010, $2.37 per share was paid out, which yielded 6.2%. In addition, the company plans to release results for Q4 2010 and the 2010 fiscal year on Friday, February 25. As of September 30, 2010, through nine months, sales stand at $128.5 million. The respective figure for 2009 is $111.3 million. EPS for the same periods in 2010 and 2009 are $1.32 and $0.99, respectively. Share price is up 2.5% over the last 5 days. The 52 week trading range is $19.75 - $39.90. The company is an international provider of marine transportation services for liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and crude oil.

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Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.