ETF Spotlight: United States Commodity Brent Oil Fund (BNO)

| About: The United (BNO)

ETF Spotlight on United States Commodity Brent Oil Fund (NYSEARCA:BNO), part of a weekly series.

Assets: $13.7 million.

Objective: BNO aims to track the price of Brent oil by owning futures contracts.

Holdings: The portfolio consists of futures for Brent crude oil.

What You Should Know

The Latest News

  • Brent crude prices have surged as a result of widespread protests in the Middle East, which rose 5% today alone.
  • BNO is one of the top-performing futures-based oil ETFs lately.
  • Brent supplies are already very tight, and it has been estimated that the loss of production has been roughly one-half to one-third of daily output, says CNBC.

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