'Guru' Report Card: Grading the Picks of Top Pros

by: Value Expectations

Investors involved in the equity markets often pay close attention to which stocks the prominent fund managers in the market are buying and selling every quarter when 13F filings begin to roll in. These reports provide insight into how the brightest investing minds and most successful money managers are currently investing their money and shed light on any big bets being made by these "gurus".

Today we will highlight the stocks these "Gurus" have either recently added to their portfolios as new holdings or stocks that they have recently increased their position in the last quarter and rate them using the Economic Margin Valuation model. Specifically, we will be taking the pros picks and giving them letter grades (A, B, C, D, F) based on our valuation model. In addition, we will provide a Grade Point Average for each of the experts list of top holdings along with the largest increased positions.

In the next quarter, we will review the performance of these stocks that we have attached a letter grade to, and compare the performance of each group of stocks (A's, B's, C's, D's, and F's) to find out how much value our analysis added. We hope that our insights will improve the performance of your portfolio by enabling you to view these companies through a different lens and help to identify firms likely to outperform as well as some potential torpedoes.

The charts below illustrate the top holdings and largest position increases from 7 of the top stock market "gurus" as well as a letter grade for each company based on how it ranks according to AFG's valuation model.

First we will look at the companies that make up the largest percentage of these experts portfolio. Some of these positions may have been trimmed over the past quarter, however they are still a top holding within their portfolio.

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Based on these top holdings we would give the following investment Grade Point Average for each Guru.

Next we will view the companies that the pros were increasing their positions in, or adding as new holdings over the past quarter to see what they currently find attractive and which companies they are voting on with their dollars.

Based on these increased positions we would apply the following investment Grade Point Averages for each guru.