Cramer's Mad Money - This Isn't Your Mother's Tupperware (3/1/11)

Includes: ABX, DPZ, GG, GLD, TUP
by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed on the in-depth session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Tuesday March 1.

CEO Interview: Rick Goings, Tupperware (NYSE:TUP)

With the heat of the earnings season dying down, it is time to revisit companies that reported good quarters but have seen their stock prices drop. Tupperware (TUP) has a 2.2% yield and reported a stellar "no hair" quarter on February 1st; the company earned $1.38 per share, beat earnings by 10 cents and saw a 4.6% increase in revenues year over year. The company gave huge upside guidance and accelerated its share buyback to $600 million. The stock rose 7 points after its earnings report and saw a 15% increase in less than 24 hours. Tupperware sells at only 12 times earnings with a 12% growth rate.

This isn't your mother's Tupperware; the company is expanding around the world and is seeing double digit growth internationally. Tupperware "may be the best emerging markets play outside the U.S," said Cramer, with 88% sales overseas and 55% in emerging markets. The stock is a play on the emancipation of women in emerging markets, as the company empowers them to generate income. Sales are up 50% in Indonesia and it is performing well even in developed countries like France, where it has seen 20% sales growth and won the prestigious Legion of Honor. Tupperware trains managers who work locally and choose products and selling methods that work best for that particular country.

When asked about rising raw costs in the form of resin prices, Rick Goings said "Why should we be worried about resin prices when we have 70% market share?" Cramer praised the company, said the stock was cheap and would buy.

CEO Interview: Patrick Doyle, Dominos Pizza (NYSE:DPZ)

With the mantra of high commodity costs taking down so many companies on The Street, Cramer thinks investors should distinguish which companies can absorb these costs and which cannot. He identified Dominos Pizza as a real bargain of a stock that got taken to the woodshed after what he thought was a decent quarter. Dominos is the largest pizza delivery company in the U.S. and its shops are in 60 countries. The company is an international growth story with 47% sales outside the U.S.

Dominos reported in-line earnings with revenue 3.7% higher and a rise in same store sales. Dominos is a cash flow story and customers seem to enjoy the new and improved recipe for its pizza. When Cramer asked Patrick Doyle how the company successfully absorbs high commodity costs, Doyle explained its franchise model allows local franchises to deal with these costs while the company generates 2 million in cash flow a week from royalties. The stock is up 60% since Cramer got behind it in January 2010, and Cramer thinks the stock will go higher.

Doyle expects commodity expenses to rise 3-4% in the next year which doesn't worry him, given the company's cash flow. Dominos has been quite successful with its television advertising, which generates immediate sales in response to ads and its internet reach has been "absolutely fabulous, generating $1.3 billion in sales globally, 25% of total sales." Customers who order by internet are usually quite loyal and since this approach reduces labor costs, it is a win-win situation for the customer and the company.

When asked why the company's guidance was not more aggressive, Doyle admitted comparisons might be challenging, since Dominos opened 150 stores last year. He predicts the international business will be bigger than Dominos' domestic business within the next two years. The company has plenty of cash to buy back more stock while reinvesting in its business. Cramer is bullish on Dominos.

Off the Charts: Keep Buying Gold: SPDR Gold Trust ETF (NYSEARCA:GLD), Barrick Gold (NYSE:ABX), Goldcorp (NYSE:GG)

Cramer doesn't mind being repetitive when he has put his finger on a genuinely bullish trend. Although he has been telling viewers for five years to buy gold, the thesis is still intact, since the fundamentals and the charts say gold is going even higher. After a lackluster January for the yellow metal, SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD) reached an all-time high. Bears who warned investors that 2011 would be the year that the gold streak will be broken are already being proven wrong. Technical analyst John Roche thinks gold's next stop will be $1,550, an 8% increase from its current level.

Cramer consulted charts from decades past to find a pattern that is similar to today's trend. John Roche thinks what we will experience will be a repeat of the 70s series of Middle East crises with gold and oil reaching triple digit percentage gains. As inflation looms, gold prices will increase. Cramer noted gold is still cheap compared to where it was in the 70s, and he would buy gold coins, GLD, Barrick (ABX) or Goldcorp (GG).


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