Cramer's Lighting Round- The Best Call Option on Gold (3/3/11)

by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed on the Lightning Round session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV program, Thursday March 3.

Bullish Calls

NovaGold (NYSEMKT:NG): "If you like gold, it is the best call option on gold that I know..."

Weight Watcher's (NYSE:WTW): "You should be buying Weight Watchers... there is a big short squeeze, but WTW is much better... they are very pro-shareholder."

First Energy (NYSE:FE): "I think First Energy is one of the cheapest ones... this is a hated one... that is a mistake. The yield is fine..they can even raise the dividend... let me just say this... I want them on the show."

EMC (EMC), IBM (NYSE:IBM): "I like IBM a lot, but EMC is a better company with better growth.... EMC is one of the cheapest tech companies, and I would own it over almost every other one in the business."

PPL Corp (NYSE:PPL): "You come to me with a conservative stock I like very much... that is super-dee-duper buy... not unlike First Energy."

Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU): "Buy, buy, buy... that is the only Chinese stock I wil buy. And remember, the Chinese love the internet so much it is palpable."

Ford (NYSE:F): (A caller asked if the price of oil and the crisis in the Middle East will effect Ford) "I think they already have, and that is why the stock has been knocked down, in addition to the fact it did not report a good quarter. I'm sticking with Ford and with Alan Mulally, and I know that has become politically incorrect, but I don't care. That guy is money in the bank. The stock went from $18 to $14. When you have stocks go from $2 to $18, they are going to pull back and that is what happened to Ford, and I think you should stick with Alan Mulally and you should buy the stock."

Alcoa (NYSE:AA): "The stock was working today. The aluminum inventory is going down, and the price of aluminum is going up... I want to buy AA nine ways to Sunday... a $22 - $23 price target by the year's end."

Citigroup (NYSE:C): "Every single bank is back in the crosshairs because of a government that doesn't think banks should make a lot of money. I am a big believer in Vikram Pandit, I am a big believer in Citi, but I also recognize that I get my head cut off every time I talk about banks. Let's just say I like Citigroup, but I won't do anymore table pounding for now."

Bearish calls

MediFast (NYSE:MED): "Just go on spring break and don't worry about MED because it is going to be exactly where it was when you left...I think that company is a sell and you should be buying Weight Watchers...there is a big short squeeze, but WTW is much better... they are very pro-shareholder."

China Digital (NYSE:STV): "No, no no. I would rather you buy any company from Wisconsin than that one. I don't want to go to a company that has numbers I can't understand. Let's stick with America."


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