Economic Calendar: Inflation, The Fed, and Industrial Production

by: Econ Grapher

Here's the Economic Calendar for the week commencing the 13th of March 2011. This week there's CPI inflation data from the Euro Zone, Canada, and the US, the US also has PPI data due out. In monetary policy there's the Bank of Japan, the US Fed, and Swiss National Bank meeting review their monetary policy settings. Elsewhere there's new loans and money supply data from China, and Industrial production figures from the EU, Japan, and US.

(More commentary follows the table)

Date GMT Country/
Event Forecast Previous
SUN NZD REINZ Housing Price Index MoM% -2.60%
SUN CNY Actual FDI (YoY) 23.40%
SUN CNY New Yuan Loans 600.0B 1040.0B
SUN CNY Money Supply - M2 (YoY) 17.00% 17.20%
MON 05:00 EUR Euro-Zone Industrial Production w.d.a. (YoY) 6.50% 8.80%
MON 19:30 AUD Reserve Bank's Board March Minutes
MON 23:00 JPY Bank of Japan Rate Decision (MAR 15) 0.10% 0.10%
MON 23:30 JPY Industrial Production (YoY) 4.70%
MON 01:30 EUR French Consumer Price Index (YoY) 1.70% 1.80%
TUE 05:00 EUR German ZEW Survey (Economic Sentiment) 16.00 15.70
TUE 07:30 CAD Labor Productivity (QoQ) 0.30% 0.10%
TUE 07:30 USD Import Price Index (YoY) 6.50% 5.30%
TUE 13:15 USD FOMC Rate Decision 0.25% 0.25%
WED 04:00 EUR Italian Consumer Price Index (YoY) 2.10% 2.10%
WED 04:30 GBP Jobless Claims Change 1.3K 2.4K
WED 05:00 EUR Euro-Zone Consumer Price Index - Core (YoY) 1.10% 1.10%
WED 05:00 EUR Euro-Zone Consumer Price Index (MoM) 0.40% -0.70%
WED 05:00 EUR Euro-Zone Consumer Price Index (YoY) 2.40%
WED 07:30 USD Housing Starts 575K 596K
WED 07:30 USD Building Permits 570K 563K
WED 07:30 USD Producer Price Index (YoY) 4.70% 3.60%
WED 07:30 USD Current Account Balance -$110.0B -$127.2B
WED 07:30 USD Producer Price Index Ex Food & Energy (YoY) 1.80% 1.60%
WED 03:15 CHF Industrial Production (YoY) 6.30% 5.80%
WED 03:30 CHF Swiss National Bank Rate Decision (MAR 17) 0.25% 0.25%
THU 07:30 USD Consumer Price Index (YoY) 2.00% 1.60%
THU 07:30 USD Consumer Price Index Ex Food & Energy (YoY) 1.00% 1.00%
THU 07:30 USD Continuing Claims (MAR 5) 3750K 3771K
THU 08:15 USD Industrial Production 0.60% -0.10%
THU 08:15 USD Capacity Utilization 76.50% 76.10%
THU 18:50 JPY BOJ Feb. 16-17 Board Meeting Minutes
THU 02:00 EUR German Producer Prices (YoY) 6.30% 5.70%
FRI 04:00 EUR Euro-Zone Current Account s.a. (euros) -13.3B
FRI 05:00 EUR Euro-Zone Trade Balance s.a. (euros) -2.5B -2.3B
FRI 06:00 CAD Consumer Price Index (YoY) 2.30% 2.30%
FRI 06:00 CAD Bank Canada Consumer Price Index Core (YoY) 1.40%

As noted there's few key pieces of inflation data due out this week. Of interest, given the recent comments of the ECB, the EU is expected to show slightly higher headline inflation for February. Meanwhile in the US CPI inflation is expected to rise to as much as 2%, while PPI is expected to accelerate to almost 5%. Consensus sees Canada's CPI flat. Given the monetary policy backdrop and the rising commodities story, not to mention just a little bit of economic growth, the inflation results are going to become increasingly interesting.

Speaking of monetary policy, the Bank of Japan is set to meet early in the week, and there could be some sort of symbolic move by them in response to the massive 8.9 earthquake. Shortly after the US FOMC is set to put out its statement - no move is expected, but the statement will attract a lot of attention from people looking for clues as to how and when the Fed will exit from its current policy settings. The other major bank is the Swiss National Bank, which is also expected to hold. Other than that, there'll also be meeting minutes released from the Bank of Japan and the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Other key data due out this week includes China's money supply and lending stats, on both counts the results should be down due to the holidays, but watch for surprises. On industrial production, the EU is expected to see a slight slowdown, but still positive year on year, while the US is expected to see a small positive. The US will also release its current account balance figures, and housing starts; with housing market activity expected to remain subdued.

So as always, have a great week, watch out for surprises, and stay tuned for updates...

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