Michael Dell's Return: Greener Pastures?

Feb. 4.07 | About: Dell Inc. (DELL)

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The Return of Michael Dell: No Quick Fix for His Company by Jay Palmer and Bill Alpert

Summary: After an initial jump, Dell Inc. (NASDAQ:DELL) shares settled back to $23.50 after investors decided not much was likely to change with Michael Dell's replacing Kevin Rollins as CEO. While it's true that Dell was never far removed from leadership decisions, even under Rollins' stewardship, Barron's posits that over time Mr. Dell could help renew employee and investor confidence. Though not always well-liked, he is highly-respected from within and without as a visionary. Some analysts like his tenacity and feel for what needs to be done; others see revenues and margins improving. The company is devoting resources to improving PC quality and confidence, and in the long-term there are signs Dell is looking to revamp its direct-sales model. Citigroup analyst Richard Gardner sees shares climbing 23% to $29.
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