Oracle on Intel Itanium: HP Misleading Customers

Includes: HPQ, INTC, ORCL
by: Larry Dignan

Oracle (NASDAQ:ORCL) issued another statement in the war of words over the future of Intel’s Itanium chip.

In this installment of the Itanium saga, Oracle responds to HP’s response about Larry Ellison & Co. dropping support for Itanium, a chip for HP-UX Unix machines.

HP (NYSE:HPQ) on Wednesday said that Oracle was putting customers at risk for dropping Itanium support. Oracle differs. Also see: Time for the decoder ring: Oracle ends Itanium support, ruckus ensues

In a statement, Oracle said:

Oracle has an obligation to give our customers adequate advanced notice when Oracle discontinues development on any software product or hardware platform so our customers have the information they need to plan and manage their businesses. HP is well aware that Intel’s future direction is focused on X86 and that plans to replace Itanium with X86 are already in place. HP is knowingly withholding this information from our joint Itanium customers. While new versions of Oracle software will not run on Itanium, we will support existing Oracle/Itanium customers on existing Oracle products. In fact, Oracle is the last of the major software companies to stop development on Itanium.

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