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This is a one-year performance recap of the stocks mentioned in an article published on March 26, 2010 generated by Dividends4Life of Dividends Value.
SymbolName2010 Adj. Price*2011 Price% changeYield at rec'd
RAVNRaven Industries28.1658.65108.27%2.89%
HIFSHingham Savings32.345157.70%2.83%
CSBKClifton Savings9.1511.9430.49%2.50%
VLGEAVillage Super Market26.5229.149.88%3.61%
RTNRaytheon Co55.5650.8-8.57%2.62%
-Dow Industrials10850.3612220.5912.63%
-S&P 5001166.591313.812.62%

The average total return for this portfolio over the last year was 45.57% while the median was 50.69%. Only two of the eight stocks underperformed the market. The remaining six stocks averaged a whopping 60% gain in the last year.

Raven Industries, which has increased its dividend every year for 25 years and sports an exceptionally low dividend yield last year, outranked the gains of every stock on the list by almost double with a total return exceeding 108%. The average yield of all the stocks on the list was 2.77%.

*All 2010 stock prices are adjusted to reflect dividends and splits

Source: 8 Dividend-Payers That Avoid the Cash Trap