Cramer's Lightning Round - MarkWest Energy Is For Real (3/30/11)

by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed on the Lightning Round session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Wednesday March 30.

Bullish Calls:

MarkWest Energy (NYSE:MWE), Kinder Morgan Partners (NYSE:KMP), Energy Transfer Partners (NYSE:ETP): "It's a pipeline out of the Marcellus shale, what do you think? Of course it's for real! That company is making money hand over fist. I like ETP a little more... I like Kinder Morgan a little more, but we have nailed this thing nine ways to Sunday and I can't possibly tell you to sell it."

Capital Gold Corporation (CGC-OLD): "...a speculative, profitable gold mine. Do I wish it were in Canada instead of Mexico? I don't know...I'm a big Mexican believer. I really, really like it."

Blackrock (NYSE:BLK), T. Rowe Price (NASDAQ:TROW): "If you want to take the trade (in Blackrock), I will bless that. I think it is a well-run company. They are great money managers...I tend not to like those companies because I don't know what they own. But that is a well-run company. I will also take T. Rowe Price."

EOG Resources (NYSE:EOG): "Terrific... that thing has been as hot as a pistol. We are big, big buyers of EOG. We've got so much natural gas we're going to be selling the stuff to Japan."

Limelight Networks (NASDAQ:LLNW): "I think that company is misunderstood. It is a play on streaming which is a long-term play. I think you stay in it...Limelight has not done well, but it is a superior company with a superior state of mind."

Bearish Calls:

Extra Space Storage (NYSE:EXR): "That thing is too hot for me... don't buy... that has run too much. I think you should take profits."

KV Pharmaceuticals (KVA): "Too speculative...I tend to bless some speculation...I'm not going there with that one."


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