Stock Picking Q1 Results: Kimberly-Clark, CTrip, Amazon, Pepsi

Includes: AMZN, CTRP, KMB, PEP
by: Intelligent Speculator

Today we report the Q1 results for our friendly stock picking contest. It is the third year and, after winning the competition in 2009, I unfortunately did not perform as well last year -- but am certainly hoping to get back on top this year. One quarter in, I have to say that it’s been a rather boring ride so far, as all of my picks are within 5% of each, all being more or less flat on the year. In a down year that’d be great, but some of my competitors such as Mike from TheFinancialBlogger have done an amazing job with a return of over 12% on his picks. Very impressive, and while it’s early in the year, things are certainly looking up for him.

First off, I’ll start with a review of my 4 picks.

Kimberly-Clark (NYSE:KMB) +4.66%

My top pick so far this year has been a name that I've discussed as one of the top dividend stocks out there. The return so far this year has been fairly good, although not much has happened to the stock.

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CTrip (NASDAQ:CTRP) +2.57%

CTrip has once again been fairly under the radar, although it does continue to display strong year over year growth. The stock continues to trade at a reasonable P/E ratio and while i would not call it a “bargain,” I still do think that it’s a good buy and am comfortable with the position. China’s continued growth and the explosion of the middle class will be key, of course.

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) +0.07%

Without a doubt, this is the most surprising result, in my opinion. Sure, Amazon commands a decent valuation, but to have a company that has such a good year be flat after three months is surprising and disappointing. I guess it’s a good opportunity to load up on more stock, but in the context of this contest, it is a deception, no doubt.

Pepsi Co Inc (NYSE:PEP) -0.66%

Pepsi has been active; I think the underlying business continues to look solid and has been expanding its operations abroad, including in Russia. The numbers continue to look good, and I believe that it remains a more attractive choice than competitor Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO).

Before ending this post, here are the results of the competition as we start the year in sixth place:

TheFinancialBlogger 12.41%
MillionDollarJourney 12.16%
MyTradersJournal 11.77%
WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo 5.13%
BeatingTheIndex 3.08%
IntelligentSpeculator 1.66%
DividendGrowthInvestor 1.43%
TheWildInvestor 0.28%
MoneySmartBlog -1.17%