Cramer's Lightning Round - Reservations About OpenTable (4/11/11)

by: Miriam Metzinger
Stocks discussed on the Lightning Round Session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Monday April 11.

Bullish Calls:

Polypore (NYSE:PPO): "If I want something that has to do with electric cars, I will send you to Polypore which has a pastiche of businesses...that is much better. I think yours (Tesla) is too risky."

Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU), Sina (NASDAQ:SINA): "The only two Chinese stocks I'm into right now are Baidu...and Sina, which hit $120, which was my initial target and then it came down. Baidu is an investment, Sina is a trade."

Bearish Calls:

OpenTable (NASDAQ:OPEN), Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX): "I think it (OpenTable) is an expensive stock. We like it much lower. I feel like it can pull back, but if it gets under $100, I would pull the trigger. The business model is so good...I’ll tell you why I’m worried...I’ve seen bears start to capitulate...once we start losing a short base and bears start covering, we don’t have the "umph" to power higher...I’m seeing the same thing with Netflix."

Fastenal (NASDAQ:FAST): "We are gong to sell it. We are going to ring the register right now. This is what is called getting lucky."

Wisconsin Energy Corporation (NYSE:WEC): "I think you take 40% out. I think it is is a growth utility, but I want to ring the register. I don’t want to give that gain back."

Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA): "No way. Too speculative...this is not a market (electric cars) I want to be levered to independently."

Netease (NASDAQ:NTES): "Very good, but very hot...I'm not blessing it."

Bank of America (NYSE:BAC): "I don’t expect this stock to move until later in the year. There is nothing cooking that is going to get it going...Elizabeth Warren might be Consumer Protection Czar for the banks. This stock is now dead money. Why own it? Because if you believe like I do that there will be a turn in America within the next year, BAC could go substantially higher."

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