Thermogenesis Answers FDA about CryoSeal System

Feb. 7.07 | About: Cesca Therapeutics (KOOL)

On Tuesday, Thermogenesis Corp (NASDAQ:KOOL) announced that it had submitted the necessary paperwork answering certain questions the FDA had regarding its pre-market approval application for the CryoSeal Fibrin Sealant System.

The company had originally filed the application in early 2006.

CryoSeal is an automated device that could be used to produce fibrin sealants from a patient's own blood during surgery. If approved, the CryoSeal system will add a substantial revenue stream in addition to the company's stem cell collection and processing units.

Thermogenesis is expected to announce second quarter financial results this coming Friday, February 9th. First quarter results were very positive, and with the company's continued distribution deal with GE Healthcare (NYSE:GE), this Friday could prove to be a great day for investors.

Thermogenesis was featured by BioHealth Investor back in October, and was in fact BHI's first stock pick.

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