PowerShares to Shift a Handful of ETFs in June to RAFI Indexes

by: Tom Lydon

PowerShares reportedly plans to transform a bevy of its ETFs and the moves include changing out indexes and strategies, and slashing fees.

On June 16th, PowerShares is dropping the IntelliDex indexes and will use fundamentally weighted RAFI indexes instead. The Dynamic Intellidex strategies use a modified, equal-dollar-weighted methodology. Along with new indexes and strategies, the seven funds, which span small-, mid-and large-cap core, growth and value strategies, will also get new names and tickers, says Hannah Glover for Ignites.

PowerShares is also keeping the competition stiff with the slashing of some of their ETF fees. This is a direct response to the likes of Charles Schwab, and Vanguard, who are upping the ante in the industry with low-cost ETFs.

The new changes to the ETFs are below:

Old Name

Old Ticker

New Name

New Ticker

Old Expense Ratio

New Expense Ratio

Dynamic Large Cap Portfolio PJF Fundamental Pure Large Core Portfolio PXLC 0.65 0.39
Dynamic Mid Cap Growth Portfolio PWJ Fundamental Pure Mid Growth Portfolio PXMG 0.63 0.39
Dynamic Mid Cap Portfolio PJG Fundamental Pure Mid Core Portfolio PXMC 0.65 0.39
Dynamic Mid Cap Value Portfolio PWP Fundamental Pure Mid Value Portfolio PXMV 0.63 0.39
Dynamic Small Cap Growth Portfolio PWT Fundamental Pure Small Growth Portfolio PXSG 0.63 0.39
Dynamic Small Cap Portfolio PJM Fundamental Pure Small Core Portfolio PXSC 0.65 0.39
Dynamic Small Cap Value Portfolio PWY Fundamental Pure Small Value Portfolio PXSV 0.63 0.39

Tisha Guerrero contributed to this article.

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