Thinking of Uranium and Fish

Apr.29.11 | About: Global X (URA)

Doug Casey sat for an interview with a site called The Energy Report that was rerun on Seeking Alpha. The interview covered a lot of ground, and I wanted to hit a couple of the highlights as they could be thought-provoking.

Based on the interview (I am not terribly familiar with Casey), the top investment themes seem to be uranium and food that wealthy people want to eat -- by which he meant beef and fish, although there was no mention of fishery companies. About fish he said, "If I could buy long-term contracts on caviar and good eating fish, I'd do it."

I have to believe he knows about things like the Norwegian fisheries that are publicly traded but either way, no mention. I have mentioned many times that Global X has filed for a fishing ETF but I have no idea when or if it will ever list.

He also mentioned being "quite involved in the cattle business in Argentina and I think cattle actually will go much higher for a lot of fundamental reasons." If I read this correctly, he lives in Argentina.

Another point he made was the need (as he sees it) to be "geographically and politically diversified." The precise use of these words was not clear to me, but based on this interview, he said that people should invest outside the US -- he then devoted more commentary to the need (as he sees it) to live outside the US.

There is of course something intellectually appealing about moving to another country (this is something I've blogged about before), but more practical is the idea of investing more in foreign assets. There is the psychology of home bias that needs to be overcome for this to happen, of course. More investors are of course learning how to do this. If you read this site regularly, then you know where I am coming from on this, so it can be useful to take in the idea from another source.