Use the Silver Dip to Convert Paper Silver Into Physical Silver

 |  Includes: GLD, SLV
by: J. S. Kim

For those of you still holding on to your paper silver and paper gold for inexplicable reasons, consider this massive dip in silver prices in Asia that occurred this morning as an opportunity to convert your PAPER silver into PHYSICAL silver. And if silver keeps dipping this week, though it has already rebounded by 6% from its low of $42.17 in Asia this morning as I write this article, then use the extended opportunity to convert even more of your paper silver into physical silver. Currently, gold has hardly dipped at all, down less than 1% from Friday’s close, but if the bankers successfully orchestrate a further take down in silver futures in New York, today and for a few subsequent days, then the price of gold futures will likely follow it down as well.

Want to send the bankers a message and serve up the biggest nightmare possible to bankers? Use the massive dip that they thought would scare all silver holders out of their position as an opportunity to finally extract yourself from the awful possibility that silver and gold paper derivatives such as the SLV, GLD, and gold and silver futures contracts may crash in value in the future, even as the price of physical gold and physical silver rises, as more and more paper gold and paper silver owners convert their paper into physical. Convert your paper silver and paper gold into physical silver and physical gold now. In fact, use this dip to convert any paper, including dollars, Euros, Yen, and pounds, at your disposal into physical gold and physical silver.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your physical gold and physical silver will likely continue rising much higher, despite interim volatile corrections, while paper gold, paper silver, and all paper fiat currencies have no guarantees against crashing in the future. Imagine if this banker-orchestrated dip in silver had the exact opposite effect that the bankers had hoped to achieve and instead triggered a further run on physical silver and physical gold by granting a people a window to convert their paper precious metals into physical precious metals?

Remember, the University of Texas Investment Management Company (UTIMCO) converted nearly a billion dollars of its paper gold into physical gold last month because the cracks in the paper gold and paper silver scam were beginning to show. Even if this massive silver dip is short-lived, the time to change paper gold and paper silver into physical gold and physical silver is now. Even if you are a PM speculator versus someone who buys PMs to preserve his or her purchasing power, converting paper to physical still makes sense. One can always purchase put options on a variety of paper silver derivatives/stocks as insurance against further downside now while strengthening one’s long position by converting paper to physical.