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Web 2.0 is a very current buzzword that encapsulates a new movement in Internet technology and philosophy. It is all about empowerment of the non-technical population to create, contribute and participate in any form of communication or commerce. It is a mindset where the best technology virtually disappears in the process. It is also about responsible business models that work and are sustainable. In Web 2.0 small companies have all the advantages

Web2 Corp (OTC:WBTO) is ahead of the buzz words. Its founders and management always have been ahead of the curve. The mission of Web2 Corp is the innovative, rapid adaptation of Internet technologies to solve very real problems. Each of their principals have successfully done so since the advent of Internet. There is much to do and WBTO thrives on the prospects of leading the way. Welcome to a very talented, fast-moving, and successful Internet company... Web2!

As Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU) is to China, so is ByIndia to India. A search product that leapfrogs competitors; integrates classifieds, auctions, social networks and blogs. India is projected to eclipse China as the most populous country on the planet. Its economy is projected to be the third largest with the US and China in the next 15 years. WBTO aims to dominate this growing market today.

WBTO Investor Highlights

  • ByIndia.com announced it has seen a better than 800% growth in weekly registrations to its popular social networking sites.
  • ByIndia.com was re-launched in the middle of October of 2006 after being acquired by Web2Corp. The company added popular Web 2.0 functionality to the Indian-centric search engine including: news, classifieds, video sharing, personal pages, and blogs, providing Indian users with features found in various separate high-profile websites such as: eBay.com, Craigslist.com, YouTube.com, MySpace.com, and Blogger.com, all from a single web portal.
  • ByIndia has rocketed up through the Alexa.com rankings from the number 4 Indian-centric search engine to number 1, and is the fastest-growing Indian search destination as well.
  • WBTO recently launched a video job matching service called JobMatchPro.com. JobMatchPro.com is similar to well-known online resume hosting services Monster.com, Careerbuilder.com, and HotJobs.com.
  • The oldest free web hosting services, Web1000.com, is celebrating 10 years of operation on February 15, 2007. Web1000.com has been popular practically since its launch, attracting users who appreciate its high speed, stability (100% uptime since the server upgrade in June of 2006) and large storage allowances. Currently allowing users 50 mb to store pages, videos, mp3s, and more, Web1000.com has over 565,000 accounts and continues to grow.
  • Launched TemplateSuperstore.com, providing intermediate internet content creators with a destination to purchase thousands of pre-designed templates to fill with content. It is another new site in the internet technology firm's extended network of sites.
  • Recently announced that it has reduced the company's debt position by $418.634.64. This was accomplished through note-to-stock conversions including the elimination of preferred shares.
  • Launched AdAgencyPro.com, a complete advertising sales solution, offering marketers a single location to go to and purchase cost-per-click ads, cost-per-impression ads, cost-per-action ads, and 404 redirected traffic. AdAgencyPro.com is the first web page that allows marketers to purchase all four methods of attracting traffic to their sites.
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