Feb 21

Tip on a Cool New Local Shopping Site

yokel There’s a cool new Beta (test) site on the block that’s bringing online shopping close to home. It’s called Yokel, and its search helps users find the best prices on products they seek, at small boutiques and big chains in their geographical vicinity. It’s easy. Here are a few other reasons to give ‘Yokeling’ a go:

1. Go Local – You enter in the product you’re looking for, along with your city, state, or postal code, and it finds you the cheapest local option at real-world retailers.

2. Comprehensive Catalog – While Yokel is continuing to build on its database of retailers, it already boasts one of the most comprehensive Internet directories of local stores and products.

3. Sorted by Proximity – Yokel sorts your results according to their proximity to your location, so by using Yokel you can save on time and hard earned cash, since you don’t need to waste time or money on extensive traveling or shipping costs.

Happy Yokeling!