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Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), which uses statistical search, has grown up to be a $150 billion company. It's not only fine for searching information on the Web, it's the best option we have. But is it the best way to search for things? Not really.

Those big fat yellow page books thrived for years, but they weren't exactly the best way to find things. So, is there a better way to search? Yes. And, having tried Powerset's linguistic-based search, I truly do get frustrated with the keyword search process.

Once again, linguistic-based search engine Powerset was in the news. The stealth search engine announced this week that it's licensing technology from PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), a subsidiary of Xerox (NYSE:XRX). Powerset's energetic founder and CEO Barney Pell (who wears his enthusiasm and optimism on his sleeve) came in to give me an update on the licensing deal the company struck with Xerox.

Apparently, they'd been working on natural-language technology for 30 years by improving it every five year. For instance, now it takes 1 second of CPU power to read a sentence. It used to take 30 minutes. The PARC team was not applying the natural-language technology to search. Hence a partnership was natural since Powerset is trying to apply natural language to search. Watch the video and hear how Pell explains his competitive advantage against Google, which is likely testing out natural language search.

Source: Is Natural Language Search a Google Killer?