What to Expect for June

Includes: DIA, QQQ, SPY
by: Cullen Roche

Another month is just about in the books so the wise market player has to begin thinking a few steps ahead. Next week will mark the beginning of June, a traditionally lackluster month for the S&P 500. The always resourceful Stock Trader’s Almanac has the breakdown for the history of June:

  • The “summer rally” in most years is the weakest rally of all four seasons
  • Week after June Triple-Witching Day Dow down 17 of last 19
  • RECENT RECORD: S&P up 10, down 5, average gain 0.1%, ranks seventh
  • Much stronger for NASDAQ, average gain 1.2% last 15 years
  • Watch out for end-of-quarter “portfolio pumping” on last day of June, Dow down 15 of last 21, NASDAQ down 5 straight
  • Pre-presidential election year Junes: #5 S&P & NASDAQ, Dow weaker ranks #7
  • June ends NASDAQ’s Best Eight Months.