Jim Cramer's Mad Money Lightning Round Picks, Feb. 15

by: Miriam Metzinger

Miriam Metzinger submits: Stocks discussed in the lightning round session of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money TV program, Thursday February 15. Click on a stock ticker for more analysis:

Bullish calls:

Blockbuster (BBI): 'No, you don't have to sell it. That WMT is all bluster now [WMT's video rental service] I am not worried one bit about WMT. I am reiterating my buy for BBI.'
MRV Communications (NASDAQ:MRVC): They reported what I think is a very good quarter, when it comes to revenues ... Luminent is their business. They're going to spin it off. I'm still using a $5.50 price target, even after this run. MRVC - stay tuned. That was a nice quarter tonight.'
Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO): 'I've been selling it, paring my portfolio. We got lucky - it's moved up a lot. It still - because of Panama - can't miss here. Why? Because if it does miss, they get rid of Semel [CEO]. If they don't, it goes higher. Two ways to win.'
Movado (NYSE:MOV): 'I didn't like MOV, because they told me they weren't in Costco, and sure enough, there was a Movado watch... But, you know what? I'm a forgiving bobblehead, and I realized that MOV is a good company. And the stock hit a 52-week high today at $30. With a reluctant two thumbs up...'
BHP Billiton (NYSE:BHP): ' I have rarely seen a company that is more in love with its shareholders than BHP, They're returning big capital. BHP and Cramer fave, RIO, are both winners. I think BHP goes to $50 bucks.'
Companhia Vale do Rio Doce (NYSE:RIO): 'I think RIO's headed right to $40.'
Polaris Industries (NYSE:PII): ' That dividend is good! You would think, given the alleged global warming, I feel there is a problem just being in snowmobiles, but they also have all-terrain vehicles ... The business is well-managed.'
Crown Holdings (NYSE:CCK): 'They have cleared up their asbestos problems ... This stock has now moved to its 52-week high. Do you mind if we wait for a little bit of a pullback, before we step up to the plate and buy some CCK? Don't pull the trigger just yet.'
Nokia (NYSE:NOK): 'Listen, I like the NOK right here ... I basically think that NOK is going to $25 ... Stay with NOK.'
Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG): 'I like PG too.'
Prudential (NYSE:PRU): 'I want to own PRU. That's a better story.'
International Paper (NYSE:IP): ' I liked it at $33. I'm sticking by it. It's one cheap stock.'

Bearish calls:

Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT)
Arena Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ARNA): 'I want you to take it all off ... I really blew that call. That company is a serial financer of itself, meaning they are constantly re-issuing stock. They kind of broke my heart... Sell, sell, sell!'
BMC Software (NASDAQ:BMC): 'Let's stay away from that sector. I just think there's nothing to offer in software.'
Citigroup (NYSE:C):' I guess what I'm saying is you've got the worst bank in the world... I don't want you to stay with it...'
Allstate (NYSE:ALL): 'No. I would sell ALL now. I want to own PRU. That's a better story.'

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