Top 10 Most Traded Stocks for Thursday and Why

by: Richard Saintvilus




Shares Traded

Current Price

Sirius XM Radio


Fell 1.5%



Cisco Systems


Fell .8%



Brocade Communications


Rose 6.6%



Intel Corp.


Rose 0.4%



Microsoft Corp


Fell .9%



Level 3 Communication


Rose .5%



Micron Technology


Fell 1.5%



Oracle Corp


Fell .5%



Corinthian College


Rose 26.8%



Dell Inc


Rose 1.1%



From Spencer Osborne of Seeking Alpha: While the headlines for auto sales in the month of May seemed grim, there was actually good news in those numbers that help Sirius XM on a long term and short term basis. Yes, Sirius XM took a hit on the auto headlines. This happens because the Street is well aware that Sirius XM's bread and butter comes from satellite radios installed in cars. The key for satellite radio investors is to understand that auto sales of 1 million per month are enough for the company to report good numbers across the board. In Q1 auto sales came in at 3.057 million, or an average of just over 1 million per month. With satellite radios being installed in about 60% of the vehicles produced, the company was able to garner about 1.8 million of their just over 2 million gross subscriber additions through the new car auto channel. This translated into net subscriber additions of just under 400,000.

According to : When StubHub Inc. executive Robert Capps oversaw the building of a new data center, he shunned Cisco Systems Inc., the company's regular provider of networking equipment, opting instead for gear from smaller competitors. Capps estimates that the online ticket seller spent about half the money it would have using Cisco products and got equipment that was better suited to its data centers, the massive rooms of computers that run websites. Cisco responded to Capps's decision by calling his boss and questioning his competence as a technology manager, he said. "Cisco wasn't serving our needs," Capps said. "They were not innovating in the areas of data-center operations that we needed innovation. The way they go about their sales process is through pressure and intimidation.

Brocade Communications Systems Inc. – Options volume is heavy in switcher-maker Brocade after a broker note predicted that it fits the bill for a bid from Dell. Shares in Brocade reached a 52-week high after the analyst noted that cash-rich Dell filed a debt-shelf earlier in the week of $3.4 billion or just about enough to buy Brocade if it wanted to change course and enter the networking market. One investor appeared to sell 11,400 put options expiring July at the $6.00 strike presumably on the assumption that its shares remain a hotbed of speculation for the next several weeks. The analyst ' s note put a price tag on the stock of $10.00 underpinning a surge in the stock, which rose to $7.20 at the day's best. Call options expiring next month were also well bid with the $8.00 strike proving most popular. Around 25,000 options granting the right to buy were exchanged with a current price of just 20 cents indicating a one-in-four chance of success over the next five weeks.

Intel Corp., the world's largest chipmaker, was accused of infringing patents owned by a Pennsylvania company over ways to improve how power is delivered to an electronic circuit. X2Y Attenuators LLC, based in Erie, Pennsylvania, filed a complaint recently with the U.S. International Trade Commission in Washington, and a civil suit in its hometown. The ITC complaint seeks to block imports of Intel's microprocessors, including its high-end desktop Core i7 chip, as well as Apple Inc. and Hewlett-Packard computers that run on the processor.

Microsoft Corp. Windows President Steven Sinofsky previewed a touch-screen version of the operating system that can work on tablets, offering a glimpse of his company's response to Apple's iPad. Windows 8 resembles Microsoft's software for mobile phones and uses "tiles," rather than icons, to help users navigate between applications, Sinofsky said at AllThingsD's D9 Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Microsoft demonstrated Windows 8 on a 10.6-inch touch-screen tablet and said the operating system can also work on desktop computers. Microsoft is rushing to adapt Windows so it can run on devices that compete with the iPad, which dominates the tablet market. The new operating system won't be out until next year, people familiar with the plans said in March. Still, the company is eager to show it's making progress in developing software that can be used by computer makers and chip suppliers.

Level 3 Communications' stock has been on a tear over the past three months. I have been one of the biggest supporters of the company and the stock. I had previously written about the excitement that the company had generated when it announced earlier this year of its pending merger with Global Crossing. I wrote then how I thought the Global Crossing transaction made Level 3 more valuable or even undervalued upon the announcement. I pointed to how the deal would create a company with a unique capability to meet local, national and global customer requirements in a wide range of markets. By combining the strengths of each company, the new entity will offer enterprise, government, wholesale, content and web-based customers a comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end data, video and voice solutions.

Micron Technology, Inc. Thursday announced a new portfolio of PCI Express solid-state storage systems, the RealSSD P320h solid-state drive series. This new RealSSD P320h series delivers extreme performance and endurance demanded by data-intensive enterprise applications including cloud computing, high-performance computing, data analytics, business intelligence, and video on demand. These new forms of data storing, accessing and sharing are quickly challenging the typical enterprise storage model of spinning disks, presenting great opportunity for PCIe SSDs.

Larry Ellison hates open source. Having covered the space for five years at ZDNet, I know this for a fact. Ellison has, in fact, replaced Bill Gates as the face of proprietary, closed-source software. When Oracle bought Sun Microsystems last year, it also bought three of the leading open source projects – the Java programming language, the productivity suite, and the mySQL database. While the company's rhetoric before the acquisition indicated it wanted the open source assets, the big money at Sun was always in its server business. To open source advocates, it became clear just months after the deal went down that what Oracle wanted with these open source crown jewels was to either make them proprietary or ruin them.

The $23 billion for-profit higher education business got a boost yesterday when the U.S. Department of Education finally released the most controversial of its new rules aimed at regulating the sector. The rule, known as "gainful employment," would cut off federal financial aid for programs whose students don't wind up earning enough to pay back their loans. Jeffrey Silber, a senior analyst at BMO Capital Markets, says for-profit educators are "relieved" at the rule's final version. A few weeks ago, I wrote that several stocks were especially vulnerable, including $1.9 billion (sales) Corinthian Colleges in Santa Ana, Calif., which has shot up 30% on the news. Other for-profit education shares are also rallying, reports the Wall Street Journal online.

Is Dell shopping for a networking equipment company to buy? Canaccord Genuity analyst Paul Mansky thinks so. In a research note this morning, he notes that Dell "has been busily assembling a full IT stack aimed at realigning the company away from secularly less attractive legacy businesses (like PCs) and incrementally toward future growth in the enterprise." But he adds that "given networking will most likely be among the most critical source of intelligence" helping to reshape the stack, "not owning this technology puts Dell at risk of simply hopping from one commoditized business into another." Ergo, he thinks Dell will be shopping for a networking company, and soon, for several reasons.

Disclosure: I am long SIRI, INTC, MSFT, ORCL, CSCO.