7 Big Movers That Investors Must Watch This Week

by: NakedValue

Here is a list of some of last Friday's biggest percentage stock movers. Because of the nature of the stock price moves and the corresponding stock trading volume increases, we think investors should continue to watch these companies in the coming week.

GT Solar International (SOLR)

The U.S. based solar company rallied on news of a sizeable order. The company's stock was up 12.10% last Friday. The company announced that it received a $460.4 million order for advanced sapphire crystallization furnaces. This is a significant notional value considering that SOLR's revenues during the trailing 12 months were $898.98 million. Also important to the story is that the "customer is a well established, diversified manufacturing company located in China who is new to the LED industry."

There could be follow through stock price strength in the upcoming week especially if GT Solar provides some additional information about the order.

Cascade Corp (NYSE:CASC-OLD)

The company's stock price was up 21.80% on Friday amid trading volume that was 10x the daily average volume over the last three months. The Oregon based truck and manufacturing parts and products maker reported stronger than expected earnings of $1.46 per share excluding items during the last quarter.

The company trades at a trailing P/E of 24.5, a forward P/E of 11.22 and a PEG ratio of 0.98. Revenues have been volatile over the years. In 2010, 2009 and 2008, revenues fluctuated from $409.86 million, $314.35 million and $534.17 million, respectively. Despite recent strength, the stock price is off of 2007 highs of around $80.


OXiGENE Inc is a biopharmaceutical company that develops promising treatments for eye diseases and cancers. Their product pipeline includes Zybrestat as a treatment for thyroid cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer and macular degeneration. In addition, they are currently running trials for OXi4503 for advanced tumors and hepatic tumors. Zybrestat essentially attempts to reduce tumors by killing the blood vessels that support their growth.

The company's stock price rose 22.99% on Friday ahead of their presentations at the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago for their lung cancer drug Zybrestat. Here are some highlights from their encouraging results regarding their Phase 2 trial of Zybrestat in non-small cell lung cancer (company release):

  • Tumor response: "Partial Response was 56% in the ZYBRESTAT arm and 36% in the standard therapy arm."
  • "The FALCON results show evidence of activity with an increased response rate in patients who were treated with the combination of ZYBRESTAT, bevacizumab and chemotherapy. Non-small cell lung cancer patients with a poorer performance status also had a clinically meaningful increase in time to progression in patients. These results are highly encouraging," said Dr. Garon [presenter and primary investigator]. "The suggestion that this combination may be especially beneficial in a sicker patient population should be explored in a larger trial to delineate the potential of targeting more advanced patient populations with the combined effects of a vascular disrupting agent, anti-angiogenic and chemotoxic therapies."

Monday trading will likely see heavy volume as a result of trading because of reaction to Saturday's results and Monday's presentation of data from their study of the drug's effectiveness treating head and neck cancer. In addition, investors should also watch competitors like

The company does not currently generate revenues. In 2010, they reported a net loss of $23.77 million and a cash flow from operating activities of -$20.43 million. As of March 31, 2011, the company had cash of $2.7 million. This company's stock price is significantly leveraged to the Saturday and Monday presentations and as such, investors should expect potential for substantial additional volatility.

DryShips Inc (NASDAQ:DRYS)

The shipping and drilling company's stock price was up 7.96% on Friday. Trading volume was about 2.5x the average daily volume over the last three months. The stock price jumped because of an upgrade by Goldman Sachs analyst Scott Malat. Central to his bullishness was optimism about the probability that the upcoming Ocean Rig UDW listing will boost shareholder value.

The company has a strong shareholder ownership base with TPG-Axon Capital, Marc Lasry and Millennium Management among their notable investors. The company is coiled for upside, but it is still far removed from its glory days during the shipping peaks of 2007 and 2008 where the stock traded north of $100 per share. Still, the past is the past and for current shareholders, the Ocean Rig listing could be a positive catalyst. In addition, the company could see continued upside if it continues to address its balance sheet leverage.

TravelCenters of America LLC (NYSEMKT:TA)

The company operates a chain of highway service stops that sell fuel, food and full service restaurants. As of March 31, 2011, the company operated 229 franchised locations. The company's stock was up 3.31% on Friday after being upgraded by Morgan Keegan. The stock traded on 2x normal daily volume. The company is still in the midst of reorganizing operations, but there is potential opportunity in this company despite a debt heavy balance sheet. In May, the company issued 10 million shares at $5.69 in a public offering. As of the 2010 proxy, directors and executive officers beneficially owned 9.3% of the company's common shares.

Despite rallying from around $1 in late 2008, the company's stock is a long way from its 2007 high of around $45.

Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners Inc (NASDAQ:CPRX)

The Florida based biopharma company's stock price rose 32.76% on Friday on 38x normal daily trading volume based on a three month average. Based on the day's average price, $2,441,572 million worth of shares traded hands. While this is a large percentage of the company's market capitalization, it is a small amount in absolute terms. This move was not tied to any obvious news and as such, investors should watch the stock closely but cautiously.

The drug pipeline revolves around CPP-109, which is engaged in advanced trials for cocaine, methamphetamine treatment as well as trials for cocaine/alcohol and opiates/pain management. They also have CPP-115 which is being investigated for efficacy related to cocaine, reduction of opiate addiction liability, epilepsy and other CNS indications.

The company reported losses of $4.0 million, $7.2 million and $10.5 million in 2010, 2009 and 2008, respectively. Considering the size of the company, they have a healthy cash position of $6.87 million as of March 31,2011. Directors and officers beneficially own 33.5% of the company's shares outstanding.

EXCO Resources (NYSE:XCO)

The natural gas producer has been the object of a management led buyout offer since November 2010. In the meantime, with the exception of occasional rumors there have been few updates. On June 3rd, the stock dropped 3.99% on heavier than normal volume to $19.25. This is the lowest stock price close since January 11, 2011 and it is meaningfully below the CEO Douglas Miller's offer of $20.50 per share in cash. Stock volume reached nearly 4.25x the average volume over the last three months.

Douglas Miller previously targeted July 4th as a possible goal for a final resolution on the deal. Despite the relative stock price weakness on higher than expected volume, there have been no updates on the deal status.

As a reminder for those that are new to the XCO buyout story. In the months before the management led buyout offer was announced, the company made a presentation estimating that the company's net asset value should be between $25 and $37 per share. Even during a question and answer session during their February conference call, Miller speculated that the stock was worth $20 to $22 per share. In addition to both the company's bullishness and the company's bullish views, we have also highlighted that the CEO may have extra incentive to complete the deal.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a long position in SOLR, OXGN, CASC, TA over the next 72 hours. I own XCO shares.