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Several months ago, Purdue University researchers published the results of a study that looked at how Seeking Alpha contributors fare with regards to providing "valuable information" to readers. At the time, I made the promise that I would hold myself accountable by publishing the results of the sentiment I put forth in my Seeking Alpha articles.

In this article, I look at stocks I went bullish on. To see the performance of my bearish plays, click here.

Company Name (Ticker)Date, 1st MentionEntry PriceClosing Price, 6/07/2011
ProShares Ultra DJ-UBS Crude Oil ETF (UCO)2/24/2011$50.09$46.74
Walmart (WMT)3/07/2011$52.02$53.83
Nvidia (NVDA)3/11/2011$18.05$18.06
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)3/11/2011$8.65$7.71
Ford (F)3/14/2011$14.30$13.95 (AMZN)3/11/2011$168.07$187.55
Proctor & Gamble (PG)3/17/2011$60.43$65.06
Wisconsin Energy (WEC)3/17/2011$29.45$30.83
Sprint (S)3/25/2011$4.68$5.49
Best Buy (BBY)3/18/2011$31.53$28.93
Cisco Systems (CSCO)3/19/2011$17.39$15.51
Snap Interactive (STVI.OB)3/18/2011$2.42$1.80
Open Table (OPEN)3/28/2011$104.29$80.70
Qualcomm (QCOM)3/28/2011$52.18$56.51
Expedia (EXPE)3/28/2011$21.62$26.89
Target (TGT)3/29/2011$49.16$47.06
Whole Foods Market (NASDAQ:WFM)3/29/2011$64.35$56.99
Electronic Arts (ERTS)3/29/2011$19.66$23.35
First Solar (FSLR)3/17/2011$154.00$117.86
Tesla Motors (TSLA)4/01/2011$26.66$28.37
Public Storage (PSA)4/04/2011$111.73$115.68
Forest City Enterprises (NYSE:FCE.A)4/04/2011$18.61$18.66
CBS (CBS)4/06/2011$24.51$26.55
Regal Entertainment Group (RGC)4/08/2011$13.97$12.02
Time Warner Cable (TWC)4/08/2011$72.85$75.61
Disney (DIS)3/29/2011$42.94$39.35
Microsoft (MSFT)4/08/2011$26.07$24.06

I did not show performance percentage for each stock like I did for my bearish plays because I think some stocks on the list deserve a bit more explanation.

First, between the time I expressed bullish sentiment on several of these stocks and now, I turned bearish. For example, I would have taken profits on WMT prior to taking my recent bearish turn. And, because investing is hardly a passive process, I would have likely stopped myself out (mentally) of several positions prior to taking too hard of a hit. Small losses mean nothing to me. It's all about avoiding the catastrophic ones. I probably would have stopped myself out of OPEN and FSLR. I would feel comfortable, right up to this day, averaging down in F, BBY, CSCO, STVI.OB, WFM, RGC, DIS, and MSFT. In other words, I would buy them today despite the on-paper losses shown above.

But, for the sake of fairness, time, and just to handicap myself a bit, I consider my performance in each stock from its entry price to its Tuesday closing price, assuming a 100-share stake in each.

To get into the portfolio, it would have cost $125,968. Had you sold everything at Tuesday's closing prices you would have been left with $122,512 for a loss of $3,456, or -2.7%. Of course, by taking out FSLR and OPEN debacles, without those buys, the portfolio would have cost $100,139 to get into. You could have got out at Tuesday's close with proceeds of $102,656 for a modest gain of $2,517, or 2.5%.

Disclosure: I am long TSLA, S.

Source: Seeking Alpha Contributor Sentiment and Performance: One Writer's Experience, Bullish Update