Feb 27

Tips on Getting a Close Shave

It's something most men do almost every day. It can be costly and painful – and unsuccessful. Nicks, cuts and missed spots mar our appearance and trim our professionalism. Here are some tips on how to shave well, and how to save money while doing it.

Shaving brush1. Save on tools: Shaving utensils are getting more and more expensive, with all these newfangled three- and now six-blade versions. But are they really better? This article on MSNBC says today's expensive multi-blade, disposable razors can't compete with a classic, single-blade razor of good quality, which will save you money over time, even if it is more expensive at first. In addition, the multi-blade systems is unnecessarily harsh, particularly for African American men.

The article provides links to online shopping for classic shaving paraphernalia, including the necessary badger shave brush. Prices for badger hair shave brushes begin at $25-$30. High-end models range as high as $200.

2. Save your face: Check out these top techniques for shaving well nicely illustrated with drawings. Blogger Harry describes his shaving ritual in detail, with links to the products he uses.

3. Save on blades: For all of you out there who are attached to your Mach 3, here's a way to save cash: Original Mach 3 blades, the least expensive of the three types of Mach 3 blade cartridges, can be used with the newer model Mach 3 Turbo and M3 Power (battery-operated) handles, a rare case of Gillette permitting backwards compatibility.

- Alan D. Abbey