Note to Sirius XM Observers: Stop Being So Hysterical

| About: Sirius XM (SIRI)

Really, this article does not need to be much longer than this chart. Using the Chicago-style accent of a foreman at a construction site: "You've got yer chart dare, yer legend dare, and ya see, da stock keeps on goin' up."

(Chart courtesy of WikiInvest)

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We live in a society that cannot get by without constant histrionics. That would be fine if the people executing the performances did so with a little less hyperbole and a little more thought and refinement. When it comes to Sirius XM (NASDAQ:SIRI) stock, 80% of what you read would fit perfectly alongside a Sarah Palin speech. Frankly, outside of a handful of authors and sites, everything that gets written about SIRI amounts to little more than mindless drivel.

Of course, we've discussed ad nauseam the hysteria constantly offered by SIRI cult members regarding the "manipulation" of the stock. And, of course, when the stock falls we're told that the sky is falling, yet again. A nice shot of the Manhattan skyline does not an article make. Or something like that.

Study the chart. SIRI tends to rise into earnings and fall shortly, if not immediately, thereafter. What happens between the earnings reports essentially amounts to noise. As CEO Mel Karmazin makes perfectly clear each time he performs on a Sirius XM earnings call, his company's long-term story remains intact. And the beauty of Mel Karmazin's approach? He actually tells us very little. He operates on a "need to know" basis. Come August 1st - the date of Sirius XM's Q2 2011 earnings report - I reckon Karmazin will tell investors all they need to know about SatRad 2.0, tapping into the Latino market, and efforts to make Sirius XM more of a household name, not to mention more color on the prospects of a dividend or share buyback.

Translation: Buy on the dips.

The stock will rise. it will then fall to a higher low than its last post-earnings dump. And we'll be right back here sometime late summer/early fall reading the same predictions of doom and crys of manipulation. It all makes me want to work at a car wash.

Disclosure: I am long SIRI.