Marc Faber Still Favors Gold, Silver and Warns About Coming 3 Months

by: Adam Sharp

In the clip below, Mr. Faber says gold and silver may fall over the next three months as the end of QE2 slows the flood of Fed liquidity. He “wouldn’t short” the metals, and is “accumulating gold”.

Faber offers a fascinating perspective on Chinese reverse-merger stocks, and how the situation is similar to early industrial America where, “the foreigners got fleeced, constantly”.

He reiterates that QE3 will come, but not as early as some would like. The Fed needs markets to fall a bit first. Oil (consumers feel most), gold/silver (unofficial inflation gauges), stocks (EEK – My 401k is dropping, print!). This was shot last week and is worth watching:

I do wonder how low silver could go this year, before QE3 comes to the rescue in the fall/winter (my best guess). In 2008, silver surpassed the $20 mark, only to be knocked back down to ~$9 by the credit crunch. Could silver retrace as much this time? I don’t think it’s all that likely or I would’ve sold some physical.

Inflation is higher now, meaning the Fed will have a tougher time selling QE3. Will markets need to drop further, to compensate? Oil markets are buying the new deflation theme, thanks in part to that perfectly-timed strategic reserve release.

Then again, silver inventories are pitifully low at COMEX. Is a mass squeeze on naked shorts really possible? I don’t know. There are so many factors to consider.

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