Why Home Depot Still Has a Chance

| About: Home Depot, (HD)

I think Home Depot (NYSE:HD) ($39.59) is getting overpunished for talking about an earnings decline of 4-9%. Even with the new guidance, I'm still buying the stock at a reasonable p/e ratio. Also, revenues are still expected to be up 2%.

My rationale for buying Home Depot at year end 2006 is still intact :

1. So much room for improvement in stores which currently look like hell.

2. New CEO has to prove himself and will work hard to correct the mistakes of the last (overpaid) one.

3. Home Prices declining will mean that people will do home fix-up projects instead of selling.

4. After a fight with RAN (Rainforest Action Network) that ended in 1999, Home Depot pledged to not sell wood from endangered forests.

Home Depot (HD) was one of my Year End Buys.

Disclosure: I own Home Depot (HD). I started buying it at year end and though I do not have a large position I am slowly accumulating it. I shop at Home Depot and am disappointed as to the state of the stores. Customer service is terrible as I watched Grandma fight with them to take back a washing machine that didn't work. (Grandma does not own HD)

HD 1-yr chart