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MGM Resorts International. (NYSE:MGM) is a $6.78 billion market cap company that trades an average of 24.9 million shares per day. Analysts are expecting an improvement of $0.03 in earnings per share compared to last quarter's results of $-0.16. The company was founded in 1986 and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Time Released: After close
  • Industry: Casinos & Gaming
  • Recent Price: $14.07
  • 52 Week High: $16.94
  • 52 Week Low: $8.92
  • Book Value: $5.97

Next quarter estimated mean earnings are $-0.13 per share (it would appear that the house don't always win...). Analyst estimates range between $-0.17 and $-0.09 per share. Regardless of some setbacks, and rough road in the near term, I am bullish on casino stocks in general and MGM in particular. When Vegas pulls out of the slump (they will, even if it seems like it will never happen), those that didn't sell cheap will be happy I believe that they weathered the storm.

For the same fiscal period year-over-year, revenue has improved from $6.02 billion for 2010 vs. $5.98 billion for 2009. The bottom line has falling earnings year-over-year of $-1.44 billion for 2010 vs. $-1.29 billion for 2009. The company's earnings before income and taxes are falling with an EBIT year-over-year of $-1.16 billion for 2010 vs. $-963.88 million for 2009.

Annually, revenue is growing at a rate of 0.68%.

Gross reported revenue compared to the mean estimate (rounded).

Fiscal Quarter Ending Month-Year Revenue Estimates Actual $ Difference Difference %
Mar-11 $ 1.50B $ 1.50B $ 0.25M 0.02%
Dec-10 $ 1.50B $ 1.47B $ -29.68M -1.98%
Sep-10 $ 1.55B $ 1.56B $ 7.45M 0.48%
Jun-10 $ 1.46B $ 1.54B $ 78.86M 5.41%
Mar-10 $ 1.41B $ 1.46B $ 48.49M 3.44%

M = millions, B = billions

Reported earnings per share compared to the mean estimate. Differences are rounded.

Fiscal Quarter Ending Month-Year Estimate Actual Difference Difference %
Mar-11 -0.19 -0.16 0.03 NA%
Dec-10 -0.22 -0.20 0.02 NA%
Sep-10 -0.23 -0.21 0.02 NA%
Jun-10 -0.24 -0.35 -0.11 NA%
Mar-10 -0.27 -0.31 -0.04 NA%

(Some one-time items are often excluded in reported EPS)

Note: I use a proprietary blend of technical analysis, financial crowd behavior, and fundamentals in my short-term trades, and while not totally the same in longer swing trades to investments, the concepts used are similar. You may want to use this article as a starting point of your own research with your financial planner. I use Seeking Alpha, Edgar Online, Google Finance, MSN Money, CNBC, Zacks and Yahoo Finance for most of my data. I use the "confirmed" symbols from that I believe to be of the most interest.

I also often include some that are not "confirmed" but are "Proposed" for the same day. The numbers are only as good as the sources. Many of the ADRs that are relatively new provide a special challenge that can be very time consuming to figure out the "best" number. Chinese ADRs that are new seem to be especially prone to conflicts with Reuters, EDGAR Online, and other sources. Not everyone puts companies into the same sector. I use Reuters as my primary guide to keep it consistent.

Source: What to Expect From MGM Resorts' Earnings Report Monday