4 Huge New Purchases by Maverick Capital

by: NakedValue

According to their most recent SEC Form 13F, Maverick Capital made some major changes to their $10 billion dollar investment portfolio during the last quarter. They made significant purchases in some high profile companies and investors should pay close attention because these stocks have the potential to make huge gains if their investment theses play out.


Citigroup Inc (NYSE:C) - 10,730,265 shares

The mega money center bank is now the hedge fund's largest single position. This is a clear indication of Maverick's general bullishness towards US financials because their 10,792,867 shares of JPMorgan Chase & Co (NYSE:JPM) represent the fund's second largest holding. But it is not just an industry bet, it is a bet on the cheapness of the individual banks because during the same time frame, Maverick Capital completely sold out of their 271,011,703 share position in Wells Fargo & Co (NYSE:WFC).

Citigroup has a price/book of 0.49, JPMorgan has a price/book of 0.80 and Wells Fargo has a price/book of 1.01. While Wells Fargo has partly earned this premium valuation because of the company's historically above industry average returns on assets, the other banks' deep discounts may be too tempting to ignore.

First Solar (NASDAQ:FSLR) - 2,460,547 shares

The $9 billion market capitalization company is the industry leader in the solar energy industry. They trade at a trailing P/E of 18.09, a forward P/E of 9.80 and a PEG ratio of 0.56. After peaking as high as $170 per share earlier this year, the stock has plummeted to its one year lows because of industry wide fears regarding revenue growth and margins. Other notable shareholders of FSLR include Baillie Gifford, Capital Group and Morgan Stanley.

Youku.com Inc. (NYSE:YOKU) - 8,796,898 shares

The company is commonly referred to as the YouTube of China, but at their current rate of development, they will end up standing apart as their own unique business. The company is quickly lining up licensing agreements with US based production companies like Warner Brothers to gain content for distribution to Chinese internet viewers. With 231 million unique viewers visiting the site from home in March 2011, the company still has plenty of runway for growth as China prospers. Despite trading well below its 52 week high of nearly $70, the stock still sports a rich price/sales of 31.95.

The stock is a favorite of smart money investors including Capital Group, Davis Select Advisors, Tremblant Capital, Tiger Global and JAT Capital.

Oracle Corp. (NASDAQ:ORCL) - 8,467,361 shares

The technology industry stalwart is no longer the poster child of the industry, but it still sports impressive profit margins, market dominance and reasonable valuations. The stock trades for a trailing P/E of 16.55, a forward P/E of 10.31 and a PEG ratio of 0.76. The profit margins during the last twelve months were an impressive 23.99%. During the last three years, the company's revenues grew from $23.25 billion, to $26.82 billion to $35.62 billion. Like other former technology industry high fliers like Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO) and Hewlett Packard (NYSE:HPQ), the stock deserves more attention than it receives especially considering the cheap valuations. Don't take our word for it, ask Maverick Capital.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a long position in JPM, WFC, YOKU, ORCL over the next 72 hours. I own shares of C.