Stock Picks for Solar Power (CY, DSTI, ENER, ESLR, KYO, WFR)

by: David Jackson

Barron's technology editor Eric Savitz wrote a useful survey of the solar energy industry in this weekend's Barron's. Here are the stocks mentioned in the article that are traded in the US (including ADRs):

Company Ticker/Exchange Notes
Cypress Semi CY/U.S. Parent of SunPower, solar-cell company now in registration for intitial offering.
Daystar DSTI/U.S. Maker of alternative non-silicon solar systems; shares have sextupled in 12 months.
Energy Conv Devices ENER/U.S. Alternative energy company includes solar arm.
Evergreen Solar ESLR/U.S. Solar-wafer maker uses unique string ribbon wafer process, requiring less raw material.
Kyocera KYO (ADR)/Japan World's second-largest solar company; though only small percentage of overall revenues.
MEMC WFR/U.S. One of the world's largest silicon-wafer producers.
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