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For traders with a more short-term time horizon, we have compiled a list of the S&P 1500 stocks trading above $10 that have the largest intraday high-low ranges (based on the average percent spread between the intraday high and low over the last 50 days). We then grouped the stocks based on whether they have a rising or falling 50-day moving average.

As shown in the list below, volatility in individual stocks has picked up recently as every stock highlighted has an average high/low spread of at least 5.5%. The highest priced stock on the list is Fossil (NASDAQ:FOSL), which is a maker of watches and other accessories. With an average high/low spread of 5.7%, FOSL sees an average daily move of about $5.

In terms of sector distribution, Energy and Technology each top the list with 14 stocks. Rounding out the top three, the Consumer Discretionary sector is a close second with 13 stocks on the list. One sector that is notably missing from the list is Financials sector stocks. You would think that with all the problems and concerns in the sector, that there would be at least a few financials on the list.

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Source: Looking For Action? S&P 1500 Most Volatile Stocks