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Since the last update, shares of RWX, VOE, VEU, VTV, DVY, VWO, and VUG were added to the Bohr portfolio. The number of shares was, small as most of the asset classes are in balance. The two asset classes that need attention are large cap value and international REITs. I over-shot large-cap value with purchases in VTV and DVY; mid-cap blend will take care of itself. As new cash is added, that asset class will slowly come into balance. (It is only 14 shares of VO above target at this time.)

Based on the performance numbers below, the Bohr continues to function very well, both in absolute and relative measurement standards. The advantage with respect to the VTSMX is due in large part to the portfolio being put together in a down market. The cash was not fully invested, so that hurt the benchmark. Had the market been rising, the reverse would be true -- chalk that up to luck. But we'll take it. If you examine the individual ETFs, you will see some of the early purchases are still under water. We are close to sitting back and letting this portfolio ride.