How 10 Commodity ETFs Have Performed Since QE1 - Expect Similar Results If Bernanke Devalues USD Again

 |  Includes: BAL, CORN, DBC, DJP, GLD, JO, SGG, SLV, UNG, USO
by: Francis Fiduk

Later today Ben Bernanke is expected to announce "Operation Twist," "QE3," or any number of other monetary policies. The exact statement Bernanke makes isn't too important. What is important is if it will weaken the USD and in turn increase the price of commodities. Even if you feel gold and silver are bubbles and would rather not invest in them, there are still other commodities such as cotton, sugar, and soybeans that should benefit substantially during the course of the next policy.

Here are the performances of some commodities and ETFs since QE1 began. Should Bernanke’s policy devalue the dollar again (which it probably will), you should be able to expect similar results.

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I'm not confident in a repeat performance in any category in particular, so I feel a mixed basket of commodities or an index would serve well to protect your dollar from devaluation.

Disclosure: I am long SLV.

Additional disclosure: I am long GDX, GDXJ Calls, GLD Calls, physical gold and physical silver. I have no positions in DBC, DJP, DYY, or UCD, but may initiate a long position sometime in the next 72 hours.