What Readers Say About Seeking Alpha

by: David Jackson

For those who want to understand Seeking Alpha better, I thought I'd share an overview of our inbox. We sincerely appreciate readers' feedback on SA and see it as vital to producing a better product. The emails we receive tend to fall into four categories:

  1. Questions and issues about email subscriptions. We send out over 300,000 emails per day, so we get a lot of questions from subscribers, for example about losing emails in their spam filters. (We've now put up an FAQ about email subscriptions to help with this.)
  2. Questions and concerns from companies. Companies track the coverage they get on Seeking Alpha. Sometimes they email us with helpful corrections to conference call transcripts or clarification of factual points. We care passionately about the quality and accuracy of articles on Seeking Alpha, so we reply to every email individually and immediately address any concerns.
  3. Questions about authors and how to contribute. New readers are often surprised at the type of articles on Seeking Alpha -- they're used to news more than opinion and analysis. So we field lots of questions about our contributors, how they're selected, and our compliance standards. Fund managers and industry experts email us to ask about becoming contributors.
  4. The nice stuff. Finally, we receive a ton of email about Seeking Alpha generally, providing feedback on the work of our contributors (now over 400 of them) and editors. Most of it is nice. I personally also get a lot of email about the ETF Investment Guide.

Here are excerpts from emails (names and dates removed) that provide a flavor of what we receive:

Wow! I did not realize that some companies provide a transcript of the call. This is what I discovered. Since I am hard of hearing, I do not always follow the conversation well (comprehension problem more so than volume). I do hope this transcription trend continues along with more captioning of web casts. I am sure http://www.hearingloss.org would be happy to point out your services to those with hearing loss. I am an investor with holdings both individually and thru managed accounts.
Best wishes,
RN in Dallas

Thank you very much for changing my mail and for letting me be a part of your service, I highly recommend your news letters to all my associates at Charles Schwab, and they have sent me e-mails thanking me for letting them know about your service there all very impressed with your news letters. keep up the good work, thanks again
- R.B

Just wanted to let you know that I've found your collections of obsevations etc to be extremely helpful. Thanks.
- R.M

Hi, I love your website and use it intensively for my business purpose (I do some tech research for institutional investors). It's a good time to thank you for the great work you guys are doing: very user friendly site, totally intuitive with good insight and key understanding: transcripts are a very valuable and efficient media to follow a whole sector.
- G.L.

Seeking Alpha is by far my favorite site. It keeps me educated, it helps me make great investment decisions, it's FANTASTIC, thank you very much.
- B.H.

I find SeekingAlpha to be a valuable source of market information and check the site daily. One issue that I have is that I would like to have the ability to preview comments before I post them. Also, if there were a few function buttions in the comment section like a hyperlink button so that one could insert a hyperlink without having to type out the HTML, that would be great.

Otherwise, Seeking Alpha is a great site. Keep up the good work!
- SP

hey thanks for the help. i love your site and the great content. keep up the good work
- J

i have to say that Seeking Alpha's quite different from other like-genre sites in that you bother to reply [to an email query].
am v happy to learn about markets from your site.
all the v best to you and your team!
- PY

Great to see the Seeking Alpha network developing strongly -- keep up the fantastic work.
- T [asset manager]

Staff @ SA,
I would like to congratulate you on crafting a site in which I have derived an incredibly amount of knowledge and utility from. In a sea of blogs pretending they know what they're talking about in regards to finance and technology, you stand out among the rest as a beacon of wisdom in an infinity of monotony. Keep up the good work, and best of luck in the future. You've gained a die hard fan.
-A [money manager]

Please know, of all the information I read on the market, your insight is always THE BEST.

I am new to the intimidating and sometimes very nauseating world of investing, but one of the first things I happened to have stumbled upon was your service. I firmly believe that you have saved me *huge* amounts of newcomer's angst. Not to mention money. Of the gazillion spams I get a day, not ONE SINGLE solicitation for money directly from Seeking Alpha! In other words, after subscribing to you, I am free to delete away and not waste time with the myriad of "helpful" offers I get by the dozens every day.

Admittedly, I don't know what half of your writers are talking about, but hell, I know what the other half are saying - and 2 months ago I didn't even know that. I am learning, and your entire staff is to be commended and thanked for it. Thanks again.

Kudos to whoever edits and annotates the Wall Street Breakfast emailing every day - he/she is doing an absolutely fabulous job. I am honestly not going to be surprised if SeekingAlpha soon becomes the most preferred online financial media out there.

Congrats and sincerely wishing you continued success - I am very impressed.

Keep up the great thought aggregation, far more efficient than traditional wall street.

Not to mention your incredible thoughts about ETFs versus traditional fund management. We are headed toward a tremendous worker shortage (as the baby boomers retire) and so the more fat/inefficiencies people are made aware of, the better the world is.

While I have never met David, I truly respect the work he and the folks at seeking alpha are doing to better the finance profession...


I just read through your stuff about using ETFs to implement an asset allocation strategy. I really enjoyed it and got some good stuff out of it. I read a lot about investing and finance so I consider that an accomplishment.

Thank you.

Sincerely, T

Hello -
I have been happily receiving e-mails daily from you for Cramer's Picks, but suddenly they have stopped.
Whoa! I miss them.
The last one was I received was on Feb. 14, 2007.
What happened, friends?


I have a great deal of respect for your site, as do my colleagues. It is a superior resource.


I have to say that your site is one of the best free sites for finding undiscovered stocks.
For instance...did well in SILC TATTF and FTGX....all because of your site..

Just a suggestion for your excellent site. I recommend it to all my friends.

Hello Seeking Alpha,

I’m a big fan of your site - great job.

Any plans to start covering the London Stock Exchange too? Would be much appreciated.

Could you please (re)subscribe me for your daily e-mail (digest mode)? I find your service particularly interesting and useful. Seeking Alpha is the most comprehensive investment news service that I have ever seen and I congratulate you for your successful effort.



Could you please provide me with Mr. Shlomo Greenberg's contact information? An e-mail address would be fine.

I read his article/analysis about Teva Pharmaceuticals and I'd like to ask him a question. The company is not doing well and there is an uncertainty about what is going on with it. I own it's stock and Mr. Greenberg's analysis was very helpful in understanding the current situation. I simply wanted him to give few more details since I do worry about the future of the company.

Best regards,

My name is E..., and daily I receive emails of information. I look forward to them everyday. Today, I haven't received any emails at all. According to my account, I am set up just fine to receive emails. Is there a problem I don't know about?

Please let me know about what's going on.
Thank you!

For some reason your article on Pfizer popped up on my computer. I found it very interesting, especially since I am an individual investor that owns Pfizer. I am not a big investor--middle American type. But I am interested in "Who you are?" "What are your qualifications to dispense financial advice?" and any other background information you can provide. You have my interest.
Thank you.

Continue to be impressed with what you've done with SeekingAlpha. It's a resource I use frequently and increasingly, and recommend to others.

I have one suggestion -- printable formats. I'm guessing the technology isn't too advanced and you could get associated sponsorships. I know that you have a "Print this article" function, but it doesn't reformat the page.

Thanks, and keep up the good work...

I have not received any e-mails all week, should I be concerned?

Hello, I have been getting your emails for about a week, and have found your service to be extremely informative. I have received some info from you that was very relevant to my investment decisions and to my view on the economy. Nice job.


Yours is some of the clearest, concise, unbiased financial writing I've seen in a very long time. It ranks up there with another favorite "Fooled by Randomness" by Nassim Taleb.

Thank you for such great work. I'll recommend it to my serious investor friends.

Thanks for an excellent read!


My name is T... and I am a senior at ... College. I recently started an investment organization here on campus called...., which is dedicated to teaching women about investing.

I was wondering if I could replicate and redistribute a copy of Geoff Gannon's American Eagle Outfitters Case Study for members of our class (there are roughly 70 women participating, all are undergrads at ...). I would attach any appropriate copyrights that are necessary.



Thanks for a great website. You are my go-to-site for info now.
Can you please tell me where I can get prices for natural gas?
Not stock prices of companies that produce it--just the prices of natural gas.



hi -- I am a new signupee to Seeking Alpha and am loving the e-mails -- great stuff, very informative and easy to use. I am especially enjoying Phil Davis's column.

I think your website and its info is tremendous!!!!!! absolutely amazing. Its really the only financial site i need to look at and I just found it...WOW. Im very happy with it.


After spending a few minutes at your website, it is clear that you know what investors want and what they need. I really like the Wall Street Journal summary, the transcripts, and the Jim Cramer picks.

Thank you for a great web site that I will continue to use.

Note: The TheStreet.com article lead me to you. Thanks again,



I find your site very informative but I also find it VERY difficult to work around to posting a comment.


I’m the bureau chief here in San Francisco, where we house four reporters covering tech companies (stocks).

The WSJ summary has been a great help for this bleary-eyed editor to sound reasonably knowledgeable in time for our 7 a.m. editorial meeting with New York.

Good day,

I’m contacting you from the Gordon Institute of Business Science in Johannesburg, South Africa. (www.gibs.co.za).

We would like to use the following article in a class discussion for our MBA course.

I have been a large fan of your radical guide to investing [now the ETF Investment Guide] and have converted all of my retirement to using just a few ETF which are asset allocated.

I saw the TW earnings transcript and wonder if you're planning to post the transcript from the AOL call this morning? I listened to both calls but I like to link to the transcripts when possible.


I've been working with your site for awhile now and am in awe! David Jackson is going to be recognized as a truly great man someday. I would like to know more about you all. Where is the physical presence of Seeking Alpha-is there a headquarters city, or are you decentralized with contributors and departments scattered around the country-world?

Have there been any articles written on Seeking Alpha by mainstream publications like the WSJ or FT that might be archived so I could read up on the site, Mr. Jackson, your history, and so forth?

I have a couple of ideas for helping the site out in appreciation for you're being you as a Hallmark Card might say, but first I want to do some due diligence.


I started reading your on-line book yesterday. I really like it, but it still left me with a lot of questions...

Love ETF Investor, read it everyday. What happened to Dave Fry's submissions? I really enjoyed his commentary and his sense of humor.



Just wanted to pass along a note to say thanks for the value “A Better Way to Invest” [now the ETF Investment Guide] brought to me as an investor looking to improve my game. I wish you great success in this next endeavor.


...was with a contact a few weeks ago who was telling me about this great new website he was using for market data ... seeking alpha. you must hear stories like this often.


All the kind emails and suggestions really made us smile! (I need to update that severe looking photo at the top of this page so you can see that.) So on behalf of Seeking Alpha's many contributors and much smaller team of editors, thank you to everyone who emailed us with feedback. And for those who haven't, please feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments below.