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Jim Cramer is a television personality, investment guru and all-round high-strung guy. He had five stock picks last week I took a close look at and here is what I found:

Cliffs Natural Resource (NYSE:CLF): There is a relatively new metric out from Bennett Stewart, the creator of economic value added, called the EVA momentum that places Cliffs Natural Resource in the top 95th percentile of all companies in the Russell 3000 (see this article for the contributing factors). I thought we might take a look at a little comparison in more conventional metrics and see how this stock stacks up.

Cliffs Natural Resource has a PEG of 0.21 and a forecast earnings growth of 78.6% for 2011. Arch Coal (NYSE:ACI), Cliffs nearest competitor, has a PEG of 0.1 but will only have earnings growth of about 23.3% this year. Alpha Natural Resources (NYSE:ANR) has a PEG of 0.3, yet the company is forecast to lose a little over 3% growth in earnings. Although the PEG ratios are very similar for all three companies, Cliffs forecast earnings growth far exceeds that of both companies.

Cliffs Natural Resource has also doubled its dividend while the stock price has fallen dramatically from the 100 dollar range to the 50 - 60 dollar range, creating an accidental high yielding stock (as Jim Cramer likes to call it). Despite the fact that the company is carrying a significant amount of debt (see this article), the positive aspects make it a great value stock with growth potential.

BioMarin Pharmaceutical (NASDAQ:BMRN): It would seem the train has left the station on this stock. Since the middle of August, BioMarin Pharmaceutical has been on a steady uptrend that has taken it from a 25 dollar stock to a 35 dollar stock and a three year high. On September 23, 2011 after hosting an investor dinner, a Baird analyst maintained his outperform rating on the stock citing three drugs in the company’s pipeline slated for a 2012 completion date (see this article).

The train kept-a-rollin’ when five days later Deutsche Bank (NYSE:DB) upgraded BioMarin from hold to buy and raised its price target from 27 dollars to 40 dollars citing the company's pipeline of enzyme replacement therapies. The company's chief financial officer, Jeffrey H Cooper, decided to take some money off the table and sold 18,379 of his 58,255 shares. Even then, this piece of news couldn't stop the stock’s momentum.

BioMarin Pharmaceutical still has a short interest of about 8.3% of its float; and at current volume levels it is estimated it would take as much as eight trading days to squeeze them out of their positions (see this article for more information). With the current stock performance and the potential for a short squeeze, BioMarin would make a nice momentum play at this point.

Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU): I wouldn't want to accuse the markets of overreacting, or the chicken littles of running around clucking their usual monologue about the sky falling. I mean the markets are rational -- right (?) Maybe not, but it does create buying opportunities! Baidu lost 27% of its value since it peaked in July at $165.96. The stock fell to the $100 mark and has since recovered to the $130 per share range.

The recent snowball effect of fear may have left you with a pretty good entry point for the stock (see this article for an in depth review of the most recent China syndrome). By definition a logical conclusion is based on facts. Statistics is not a perfect science in any country but are postulates we use to draw conclusions until proven false. Another fact is that Baidu has consistently beaten analyst estimates in the past and has an earnings growth forecast for this quarter of 88.8%.

In comparison, the earnings growth forecasts for Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO) is just 2.98 % and for Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) only 17.7 %. If the sky doesn't fall and the Good Lord willing, Baidu will report its earnings on October 21, 2011, and in all probability they will beat the estimates. Hopefully you’re in the stock by then.

Deckers Outdoor Corp (NYSE:DECK): Deckers Outdoor has doubled its value this year, officially establishing a year long trend that brought the stock from 50 dollars last October to its present value of nearly 110 dollars per share. The company is following a strategy of opening its own retail stores not only in the US but also in China, Japan, Canada and the U.K.

This strategy has not only brought the company market share, but also earnings growth, since a company-owned retail store will increase margins. With a PEG ratio of 0.90 and forecast earnings growth of 19.3% this year and 22.5% next year, the stock should have more room to run despite its 100% gain. See this story for more information. Nike (NYSE:NKE), that has been following the same strategy for the past twenty years, has an annual earnings growth of about 16 - 17 % and a PEG of 1.47.

Although Decker doesn't enjoy the brand recognition of Nike, the company is still well on its way there. As an avid outdoors-man and winter enthusiast, I can tell you there is nothing more important than a pair of boots that keep your feet warm and dry, and when I find one I become a repeat customer. Deckers Outdoor provides this kind of quality and receives this kind of loyalty.

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL): It seems like every time Apple introduces a new product, the critics present are disappointed for one reason or another. Luckily the real critics are the people who buy the product –and they love it. Apple has developed a brand loyalty now that is at least two generations deep; and with the possibilities of the iPad, several generations to come.

Not long after the announcement of the new iPhone, AT&T (NYSE:T) and Apple started taking preorders for the device and the response has been overwhelming (see this story). In the first 12 hours, AT&T announced it had already taken 200,000 orders. After 24 hours, Apple said preorders had topped 1 million - over and above the 600,000 mark for the iPhone 4. When all is said and done, this product may top first day sales for any electronic device in history.

Another consumer trend that bodes well for this release is that people are increasingly doing away with their low end phones and purchasing smart phones -- mostly on Google's Android or the iPhone platform. It seems every so often an inventor comes along that dramatically changes millions of people’s lives and drastically improves our standard of living. When studying history fifty years from now children will most likely be learning about Benjamin Franklin, Tomas Edison and Steve Jobs.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.