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Accenture (NYSE:ACN) is about to disappoint those who believe the last thing the corporate world needs is more consultants.

Accenture, the giant consultant firm, says it wants to double its ranks of 13,000 "management consultant professionals."

Meanwhile, Accenture said it wants to add all those consultants in the next three years. Can you clone consultants?

The company said "the plan to nearly double the number of these professionals will enable the company to expand the breadth and depth of its management consulting services globally, in developed markets such as the United States, United Kingdom and Germany, as well as in rapidly evolving markets such as India, China and Brazil."

In other words, it seems that globalization is driving Accenture's consultant hiring orgy. We can't wait. Just imagine the management buzzwords these additional consultants can create. The models for business prowess will also multiply–as will the billable hours. The one downside: The return on your IT projects may not improve. After all, someone has to pay all of these new consultants.

Source: Is Globalization Driving Accenture's Consultant Hiring Frenzy?