Seeking Alpha launches The Internet Stock Blog

Today I'm launching The Internet Stock Blog. Why? I'd like to keep Seeking Alpha tightly focused on issues related to hedge funds and portfolio management. Including pieces about individual stocks or sectors seems too unfocused. So I'm splitting off the thoughts on individual stocks to separate sites, starting with one specifically for Internet stocks. This also allows me to post much shorter pieces with breaking news and analysis.

I've purchased a new URL for The Internet Stock Blog - You can guess what lies in future from my other URL purchases:,,,, and

How on earth can anyone keep up with the proliferation of tightly-focused, niche web sites? Answer: use RSS to grab feeds from the sites you like. Currently the best way to do this is by switching to the free Firefox browser (which is far better than Internet Explorer), or by setting up a My Yahoo! page and using the "add content" button to choose the web sites you want content from.