Upside in Store for Gold Fields Limited

Mar.21.07 | About: Gold Fields (GFI)

Gary Tanashian submits: The below monthly view of Gold Fields Limited (NYSE:GFI) is simply beautiful. That is rock solid support at 15. So if the SA Rand weakens further, Gold Fields' profits kick in. 2 bucks downside and who knows what upside over the next few years?

I will endure the downside and add if given the opportunity in the 15's. Meanwhile none of my current shares are for sale nor are my October calls. This game is all about risk vs. reward and buying right.

Also reference the previous post showing a weekly view and falling wedge. Once the South Deep shares are absorbed, my guess is GFI will be ready to make some hey. Of course that is my view and you would be well advised to do your own research.

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