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The following comments from Jefferies Group Inc. (JEF) this morning regarding the fiasco at MF Global (MF) perfectly crystallize everything that is wrong with our current financial system:

9:37 AM Still trying to distance itself from MF Global, Jefferies Group issues a statement saying it "has no meaningful exposure to the sovereign debt of the (PIIGS)," nor does it have "any repo-to-maturity activity or related off balance-sheet derivative activity."

Why is this statement necessary? Why should investors have to worry about the risks of “…repo-to-maturity activity or related off balance-sheet derivative activity"? Why isn’t every single obligation of a financial company ON THE BALANCE SHEET?

And the bankers wonder why their common equity trades at half of stated book value. Here's your answer: These firms are basically un-analyzable, and will remain so until the reporting rules change.

Source: The Truth About I-Banks (Almost) Comes Out