Optionable to Acquire Specialist Crude Oil Derivatives Broker

Mar.27.07 | About: Optionable, Inc. (OPBL)

Just wanted to note that Optionable Inc. (OTCPK:OPBL) announced yesterday that it is acquiring HQ Trading, a specialist broker in crude oil derivatives. HQ is privately held, so it is difficult to know exactly what their financial situation is, but this should help OPBL expand the range of its energy complex rather nicely. OPBL has said that they expect the acquisition to be neutral to 2007 earnings.

I don’t know enough about HQ to make any specific comments, but it is clear that OPBL is committed to branching out into new areas to bring new products to market. In the long term, this gives them the opportunity to develop into a multi-product, one stop broker for energy and perhaps metals. It appears to be a solid acquisition over the longer term, and as a first mover in the space, OPBL has a big advantage.

OPBL 1-yr chart