Five stock market books

5 financial books plus 1 non-financial book I'm reading or just read (not necessarily recommendations):

  • James Altucher's Trade Like Warren Buffett. Buffett's recent bet against the dollar illustrates that his trading is often more short-term oriented and sophisticated than a straightforward value-based, long-term buy-and-hold strategy. Altucher looks at Buffett strategies and extrapolates from them for retail investors.
  • Robert Hagstrom's The Warren Buffett Way, Second Edition. The traditional view of Buffett. I'm particularly interested in different approaches to risk control, and there's a chapter here on Buffett's approach: concentrate your positions in your highest-conviction stocks that you have greatest knowlege of.
  • Eric Prentis' The Astute Investor. Self-published, self-edited; a financial advisor trying to educate retail investors. "In general, all stocks priced at less than ten dollars a share should never be purchased for an investment portfolio". Really?

And one non-stock market book: