New Home Sales Rise - Who Cares?

by: Tim Iacono

In an announcement reminiscent of the early stages of the bursting housing bubble about five or six years ago, the Commerce Department reported (.pdf) that new homes sale rose last month, from a downwardly revised annual rate of 303,000 in September to a rate of 307,000 in October. September new home sales were originally reported at a 313,000 annual rate and, when comparing un-revised data to un-revised data, you get a decline in sales, but, comparing revised data to un-revised data produces a gain and rosy headlines.

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This kind of rationalization was about all there was to help a lot of real estate investors keep the faith back in 2006. Today, with new home sales running at about one-third the pre-housing bubble rate and with the home building industry flat on its back for the foreseeable future, it’s just kind of an interesting side note.